The Results for the ANGERME 4th Generation Audition revealed!


It looks like my complaints in my previous post worked some magic. In this week’s Hello Pro Station the results of the ANGERME’s 4th Generation auditions were revealed.


The sole winner of the audition was sixteen year-old, Kamikokuryo Moe!

(Her name is quite a mouthful)

 angerme nov

Moe is the first Hello Project member to hail from Kumamoto Prefecture and enjoys karaoke, jump rope and drumming. After Kanon’s departure, Moe’s addition will bring the group back to a count of nine members.

Moe stated that she lost Morning Musume’s Golden audition and began to lose interest in Hello Project. However, upon hearing ANGERME’s “Taiki Bansei” she regained new hope and decided to audition for ANGERME’s 4th Generation.

I am very glad that she made the decision to audition for ANGERME. It is almost inspirational to me. Even though she was rejected, she continued to reach for her goal and was eventually successful. I wish that I had such persistence and determination.


The first thing I noticed about Moe, other than her ridiculously difficult and long name, is her unique beauty. She will really stand out within the group in terms of looks. She is still at a young age and I believe that she would blossom into a beautiful young woman.

I am very excited to see what skills she would bring to the group. There was a video going around of a girl singing in a karaoke room that was alleged to be Moe. I am not sure if this video is 100% legit, but the person in the video does look a lot like her. If the person in this video is in fact Moe, I am very excited for her official debut within the group because she has a beautiful voice!

There has been no confirmation by the company when she would officially join the group, but my best guess is that she would perform with them during the Countdown Live or the Winter Hello Project concert tour.

Moe 1

Congratulations Moe on becoming a member of ANGERME! I look forward to seeing you perform with the group!

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