My 2016 Hello! Project Wish List

This year has generally been a good year for Hello Project. Of course there were some hiccups and sad moments as well. There was the official announcement of Tsunku’s “graduation” as a producer from Hello Project, the departures of Berryz Kobo, Fukuda Kanon and Shimamura Uta, and the upcoming graduation of Sayashi Riho.

On a brighter note, we also had the debut of Kobushi Factory, the addition of new talented members, and the formation of Tsubaki Factory. C-ute and ANGERME also had their highest selling singles this year. I really hope that all the groups continue to be successful in the upcoming year. There have been many changes this year, and I hope that these changes bring some positive outcomes in the future.

I have my personal wish list of things that I will like to see happen in 2016 in the world of Hello Project:

Reina, Kaede, Ruru & Hikaru

Ichioka Reina, Kaga Kaede, Danbara Ruru and Inoue Hikaru form a new unit or join an existing group

I just want them to debut!

Hello Project

Another All-Star Hello Project song

There is nothing wrong with wanting another anthem for Hello Project concerts!


ピーベリー 『キャベツ白書』 (MV) 049

More Satoyama subunits!

I just love seeing members from different groups collaborate!

 Tsubaki Factory

Tsubaki Factory official debut!

They still have a lot of training to do, but I believe with some practice they can be a great official group!


Aika to release a solo song

I appreciate all the translating and reporting Aika has done for us on Up-Front Link, but I miss her in the music industry. She was not the best singer, but I miss her charm in music videos and on stage. It is pretty contrary if she is dubbed a soloist in the company, but does not release any solo songs.

First Squeeze

More Juice=Juice!

Juice=Juice released an album and ONE single this year. To be honest, I am not content with that. I guess I am a bit greedy. However, the upcoming year looks hopefully since they will be promoting their new drama and have already announced a new single.



More external directors

An external director won a competition and directed an alternate version of “Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru”, which was pure GOLD. It was much better than the typical box set standard Hello Project video and it seemed to be popular among fans. Management, it’s a sign. Answer to the call.


Enjoy my quick and poor photoshop work (LOL)


A concert in Canada

It can be any Hello Project act. I am not picky, but please, bring any group to Canada. We Canadian fans are desperate and are in a dire need of some Hello Project therapy. I’ll give you my money, just come here and take it!

Those are just a few of my wishes. I am sure there will be more as this year comes to a close and the new one begins. Do not be afraid to tell me what are your Hello Project wishes for the New Year!

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