Morning Musume ’16 Audition

MM16 Audition

During Hello Project’s 2016 Winter tour, an announcement was made. Morning Musume’16 will be having an audition for their 13th Generation! The name of this audition is “Shinseiki” meaning “New Century”.

As usual, applicants must be between the age of 10 and 17 years old. The audition website and details have yet to be published.

Personally, I am very excited for this audition. I wonder how many girls will be selected and what will they contribute to the group?

Of course, we cannot forget the question that I ask each time, will Cuca be selected? Would she even audition?

Riho Grad

Many people are surprised by this announcement, but we need to remember that Hello Project is full of graduations and auditions. This audition was inevitable after Riho’s graduation. To many, this may seem as too soon, but this is the nature of Hello Project.
10th Gen (7)

Many (including me) said the same upon the announcement of the 10th Generation auditions, but everything turned out pretty good. Each girl contributes in their unique way and brings their colors to the group.

Therefore, do not fret my fellow fans and good luck to all those who plan to apply!



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