New Hello Pro Kenshuusei!

I don’t think I have commented on the addition of new Kenshuusei in a while. It has become a common occurrence. However, it is a new year and these new girls seem to be very interesting.

Hello Project announced the addition of five girls to the Hello Pro Kenshuusei program. These girls are as follows:

  • Noguchi Kurumi (14)
  • Ono Kotomi (13)
  • Kodama Sakiko (12)
  • Yonemura Kirara (age currently unknown)
  • Kiyono Momohime (11)

NB: Photos will be added to this post when their official profiles are released.

Other than these girls being ridiculously young, they each have unique characteristics that make me interested in them.

Kotomi is apparently a former Avex trainee. I really love Avex and they house high quality groups and artists. I expect this girl to be really skilled and talented, but my expectations may be a little too high.

Sakiko and Momohime were both part of idol groups. They already have experience in the field.

Momohime’s name is so unique and beautiful. I have never seen a name like this. Kirara’s name also interests me since it reminds me of Kirara from Inuyasha.


Many of these girls seem to possess a bit of experience in the idol and music world. This may provide them with a higher advantage. Recently, a lot of the newer Kenshuusei (Yanagawa Nanami, Hirose Ayaka, and Inoue Rei to name a few) have debuted. With the addition of these new girls and the upcoming Morning Musume ’16 audition, I am curious to see if this trend will continue or if some of the older Kenshuusei (Kaede Kaga, Inoue Hikaru, and Ichioka Reina) will get a chance.

These new Kenshuusei will perform at the upcoming Hello Pro Kenshuusei recital next month. I look forward to seeing their energy on stage!

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