She Was Pretty Drama Review

she was pretty

Summary: This drama follows the love story of two childhood friends. Kim Hye Jin was a popular and beautiful girl, while her friend Ji Sung Joon was quite the opposite. These friends lost contact when Sung Joon moved to America. As time rolled on, Hye Jin began to spend less time on her looks and more time trying to achieve her dream of becoming a writer. When she lands a job as an editing assistant at one of Korea’s most prestigious magazines she realizes that a now very good-looking Sung Joon is her boss! This drama is full of romance, comedy and quirks that you are sure to love!

I love my rom-com’s, and this is no exception. This was one of my favourite dramas of 2015. It was not overly sappy or clichéd, and there was enough comedy and mishaps to keep me interested. I fell in love with the plot and characters. I wish that there were more dramas like this in 2015.

Initially, I was skeptical. I did not want to start this drama because the plot description sounded pretty clichéd and overdone. The idea of a girl who undergoes transformation, and a boy that blossoms into a handsome young lad- it has been done too many times before. To my surprise, despite this drama taking on this overdone concept, the hilarious way it was portrayed made this an enjoyable drama.


The drama begins with a bit of mystery as we see a pair of male hands putting a puzzle together. This puzzle becomes an important symbol throughout the series and is representative of the ongoing friendship between the main characters. This male mystery man is none other than Sung Joon, who is about to move back to South Korea.


We are also introduced to Hye Jin, who seems to be clumsy and full of misfortune as she cannot seem to get a job and even falls into a pool during a party, and no one notices.


Secondary characters, Ha Ri, Hye Jin’s best friend, and Shin Hyuk are also introduced in this episode. As the drama progresses, I guarantee that you will fall in love with some of these characters. My affection for Siwon has increased because of this drama. His character, Shin Hyuk was a weird, playful, but hardworking person. His antics were strange, but loveable. Siwon’s improvement in acting is quite evident in this show.

Seo Joon and Siwon

The chemistry between the characters is fantastic. This show was well balanced. There were comedic scenes from Hye Jin’s mishaps, Shin Hyuk’s eccentricity, and the bromance between Shin Hyuk and Sung Joon. There was anticipation and tension from the countless times Sung Joong almost found out about Hye Jin’s identity. There was romance between the four leading characters: Hye Jin, Sung Joon, Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk.

I do admit that I was annoyed during certain points in the show. For instance, when Hye Jin convinced Ha Ri to pretend that she was Hye Jin during her reunion with Sung Joon. However, this scene is what led to more entertaining scenes later on in the show. I was also annoyed at Sung Joon’s behaviour towards Hye Jin in the office, but he starts warming up to her later in the series.

I was constantly annoyed at Ha Ri throughout this show. Her betrayal made me dislike her greatly. Even though she changed and regretted her actions at the end of the series, I still highly dislike her. I also give Hye Jin credit for her loyalty to her friend. I know if I were in her position, I would have completely cut off Ha Ri.

Without giving out too much about the plot, all I can say is that this is a drama that I highly recommend if you love romantic comedies. Each episode had me rolling around my bed and laughing like a crazy person. My roommates were often concerned about me. I am very curious to see if there will be any dramas this year that are as good as this one.

she was pretty ost

If you haven’t watched “She Was Pretty” yet, don’t hesitate and hop on the Sung Joon and Shin Hyuk loving train!




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