4minute: Hate Music Video Review


I was so excited for this comeback. I felt like it has been forever since the release of “Crazy”. 4minute is one of my favourite girl groups, so I expect nothing less than the best from them.

I am proud to announce that “Hate” is now one of my favourites from 4minute. This song has been on repeat since its release. I have watched the music video and live performances on countless occasions.

“Hate” sounds a bit like “Crazy”. It has an electronic hip-hop vibe and there is a lot of repetition during the chorus. This song is actually very interesting. Other than the infusion of different genres, there is also a change of pace. The song starts off with a ballad sound featuring Gayoon’s melodic voice. The pace picks up a bit when it gets to Sohyun’s part, and then goes full-fledged hip-hop at the chorus. Normally, I complain about these sudden changes of tune, but it worked well for this song.

The music video was even more gold. It was a mixture of cinematography and performance. With the slower paced parts of the song, there were dark scenes. I guess these scenes were to depict anger and hate.

At the beginning of the video, Gayoon is all dressed as a bride. Weddings are usually correlated with happiness, but Gayoon’s bride scene is juxtaposed with a scene of her all dressed in black. All she was missing was a black veil.


Jihyun also had a dark cinematic scene. She stood trapped in a forest that was tangled by bright red thread. I am guessing this was supposed represent her being trapped with hate. I am so glad that Jihyun got more lines in this song. She seems to get a good response from the audience when she performs her part during live performances.

4MINUTE_Hate_MV (1)4MINUTE_Hate_MV (2)

When the song picks up at Sohyun’s part, the music video turned to its performance section with backup dancers and sexy outfits. I instantly forgot that Sohyun is the maknae. She looked so sexy and mature. My jaw dropped at this point of the music video. 4MINUTE_Hate_MV (3)

The chorus is my favourite part of the music video. Not only does the song pick up in tempo, but also this is where the hip-hop flair sets in. During the chorus we also get a good look at the powerful and charismatic choreography.

4MINUTE_Hate_MV (4)

I really love this dance. There are a lot of sharp movements. It is sexy meet hip-hop. If I had the skills, I would have been inspired to learn the dance as soon as I saw it. 4minute always has good dances.

I am impressed with this music video. There was great choreography, performance scenes and cinematic scenes that all blended well. The song and music video was totally badass.

4MINUTE_Hate_MV (5)

Great job 4minute!

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