Bring AOMG to Toronto!


K-POP Fans!

As some of you may know, AOMG (Jay Park, Simon D, Gray, Loco & DJ Pumkin) will be embarking on their “Follow the Movement” tour in North America in April. Currently, the crew only plans to stop in cities in Illinois, Texas, New York, Nevada, Washington and California.

I know this sounds pretty sad for us Canadians fans, am I right? However, do not fear! Canadian fans have a chance to bring the AOMG crew to their cities! Siva, the entertainment group that is promoting the AOMG tour, is currently promoting a campaign! Any city within North America that can get a certain amount of fans interested in the concert will get the opportunity to have their city added the tour list!

Since I live near Toronto, I only have information about the Toronto campaign. We need 2000 people by March 13th!

My friends and I created a Facebook event page for the campaign, which has been recognized and promoted by Siva Group. All you have to do is click “going” on the event page to help build the numbers! We only need a few more people to reach our goal, so please do not hesitate to join the event page!

You can access the event page HERE.

If we are successful, the concert will happen on April 6, 2016. You can follow Siva’s SNS for more information, or go on their website.




Thank you, and I am sure this AOMG concert will be worth it! I hope to see you all there!

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