AOMG Campaign Ended; Dynamic Duo & B.A.P Coming to Toronto

I previously posted about a campaign to bring the AOMG family to Toronto. Unfortunately, AOMG has made a decision to not add any more stops to their tour. Therefore, there will be no concert in Toronto.

I cannot say that I am not disappointed. My friends and I worked very hard to carry out this campaign. We feel slightly betrayed because Siva Group made us a promise, which they did not fulfill. Did they not consult with AOMG before encouraging us to make this campaign? I feel like this was poorly planned, and our time was wasted. I would like to personally apologize to my readers. I promoted this campaign, only to be told the very next day that AOMG decided to stick to their original stops. I was really excited at the thought of attending an AOMG concert. I am sorry that this campaign ended in disappointment.

Siva Group posted a formal apology on our event page. They have also arranged discounted packages for fans in Toronto who wish to see the group in other cities. Unfortunately, I would not be going to any of these concerts. I would need to take extra days off from work to travel and attend the concert. I am not capable of doing so.

On a brighter note, for those of you who did not know, Dynamic Duo is having a concert in Toronto on March 26th! I will be attending this concert and I am super excited! I really love Korean hip-hop, and Dynamic Duo is no exception. This event is managed by KPOPME and will be held in Danforth Music Hall. You can visit their official website and SNS accounts for more information. Tickets are still on sale, so get yours now!

Event page:
KPOPME Facebook:
KPOPME Twitter:
KPOPME Website:

KPOPME also recently announced that B.A.P would be making a stop in Toronto! This will be part of their “Live on Earth” World Tour! The concert will take place in Massey Hall on April 24th! Tickets go on sale March 18th! So make sure you buy your tickets before they are sold out! I assure you, I will be going to this concert! You can get more information through the event page or KPOPME’s page.

Event page:

Don’t miss out!

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