Minzy’s Departure from 2NE1


The KPOP world never seems to run out of controversies. There have been many rumors over the past few months about Minzy’s departure from the group, and the possible disbandment of 2NE1. Being the biased Blackjack as I am, I chose to ignore these faceless rumors.

However, last week during a press conference, YG Entertainment officially confirmed Minzy’s departure from the group. Blackjack hearts, including mine, shattered all across the globe. We finally felt the pain that EXO-L’s faced on multiple occasions. Minzy was one of my favourite members of the group (not like I could have chosen a bias).

YG Entertainment has also confirmed that the group will make a comeback with the remaining three members during the summer. As hyped as I am for a 2NE1 comeback, I cannot see the group being the same without her. The song will seem to have something missing. There is a big gaping hole now.

However, I would not let Minzy’s departure stop me from supporting my favourite girl group. Although I am a bit apprehensive, I look forward to the music that will be made by these three girls. I am interested in seeing if they continue with their usual badass hip-hop style, or pursue another concept and image.

On the other hand, I wish Minzy all the best in the future. I will continue to support her as well!



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