Dynamic Duo in Toronto Recap


I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to attend the Dynamic Duo concert at Danforth Music Hall on March 26, 2016. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of Dynamic Duo, but I really like a few of their songs. Nevertheless, I was still very excited to see them live.

As usual, I settled for nothing less than V.V.I.P. There was no merchandise for this concert, but I was able to get a picture with the artists and be right in front of the stage.

I joined the lineup in front of Danforth Music Hall at 4:00pm. While waiting in line I made a couple of friends. We spoke about our past KPOP concert experiences and general love for KPOP. Many of the fans went to the Dok2 and The Quiett concert that happened at the same venue the year before. Unfortunately, at that time I was back home in the Caribbean and could not attend that concert. A few of them also saw Epik High, Lunafly and Beenzino live. Again, I was in the Caribbean on my work term. Many of the fans also went to the Big Bang concert. We all know why I could not attend that one. I am still hurting after all these months.

Dynamic Duo and Me!

Dynamic Duo and Me!

A little after 5:30pm, the V.V.I.P were allowed to go inside for the Meet and Greet. In groups of five people, we were allowed to briefly meet the artists and take a picture with them. Gaeko put his arms around me for a couple seconds. I could have died right there and then.

After the meet and greet, we were allowed to secure a spot in our section. It was a standing concert, so my friends and I made no hesitation to go right to the front of the stage. It was the closest I have ever been at a concert.

The concert started at 7:00pm. DJ Friz started off the concert by dropping some sick beats. It took him a while to hype up the crowd, but he ultimately achieved his goal. I have included a clip of him above. You got to admit, he has some amazing talent. If I were rich, I would hire him to DJ my birthday party.

After DJ Friz’s performance, Dynamic Duo came on stage singing their latest hit “Jam”. The crowd went wild. I was could not believe that I was so close to them! My friend got his fingers stepped on by Choiza. We were that close to the artists.

Both guys smiled at me a lot throughout the concert and I got many opportunities to touch them as they stretched out their hands to the audience. There was also a time when Gaeko threw his water into the crowd. I was grateful that I did not have my phone or iPod out at the time! I put it away just in time when I realized what he was about to do!

They performed new hits such as “Jam” and “Picnic”, and some of my older favourites such as “Baaam”, “Mother’s Soup”, “Don’t Block My Way” and “Three Dopeboyz”. When the beginning of “Three Dopeboyz” started I lost it. It is one of my favourite KPOP songs of all time, and I did not expect them to sing it because Zion.T wasn’t there. I was so happy when they performed it!

Note: Ignore my comments/screaming/laughing in the background XD

During the MC portions they spoke mostly in Korean, but Gaeko was sweet enough to prepare a speech in English. His English was not very good, but it was still adorable. In his speech, he mentioned his love for his fans, Canada, Niagara Falls, Poutine and Drake. Watch the clip above for the speech.


Unfortunately, it was a very short concert. The concert ended around 9:00pm, but it ended on a high. I am now a much bigger fan of Dynamic Duo (and DJ Friz) and I am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer in the future. Later this month, I will be seeing B.A.P and in May, I will be seeing SHINee. I am overly excited for those concerts because they are some of my favourite groups. Look out for my recaps from those concerts in the future!

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