Non-KPOP Concert Experiences

I will forever love and cherish my KPOP concert experiences over the past few years. I have attended a few KPOP concerts and seen some of my favourite artists, such as Jay Park, Ailee, San E, Teen Top, B.A.P, and Eric Nam. This week, I will be seeing SHINee live. I am overly excited!

As much as I love KPOP, it is not the only music I listen to. I am a fan of many other genres like alternative rock, pop and sometimes R&B. I have attended concerts from artists in these genres. I know that this blog is KPOP and JPOP based, but I never get to rant about my other concert experiences. Since this is my blog, and I clearly do what I want, I will briefly describe some of my non-KPOP concert experiences.

Chris Brown

When I was younger, I was in love with Chris Brown. This was during his earlier days. In 2007, he stopped off in the Caribbean for a concert. I made no hesitation to buy tickets for this concert. This was right after he released “Exclusive”, so he performed songs that were new at that time. Not too long after I began losing interest in him, especially after the scandal with Rihanna. Now I have little care for him or his music.

Evanescence and Lifehouse

I am a big fan of Evanescence. They also made a stop in the Caribbean during their world tour a few years ago. I was grateful for this experience since there aren’t many bands or artists that include the Caribbean in their world tours. Lifehouse was a bonus to the whole experience. They were the opening act for Evanescence.

Evanescence just released their self-titled album, so they performed a lot of new songs. They also sang some of my favourites like “Bring Me to Life” and “My Immortal”. They left “My Immortal” for last. Everyone was waiting for that song. The audience went crazy when Amy Lee brought out her piano and began singing the song. It was one of my favourite concert experiences.

I did not know many Lifehouse songs at the time with the exception of “Hanging by the Moment” and “You and Me”, both of which they performed. I do not keep up with either band these days. I have been listening to their older music since then. KPOP and JPOP have completely taken over my life!

Marianas Trench and Walk Off the Earth

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of attending a concert for one of my favourite bands, Marianas Trench. They are at the top of my list with Paramore, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco, and Fall Out Boy.

Marianas Trench released their album, “Astoria”, late last year. They embarked on their “Never Say Die” tour and made a stop in Kitchener in mid-March. I was in love with ALL the songs on that album.

I was not a big fan of Walk Off the Earth before the concert. I just knew their song “Gang of Rhythm”. I bought their album “Sing It All Away” the day before the concert. I fell in love with their music! I was so upset that I did not listen to them before.

Walk Off The Earth Stage

Kieran Mercer opened the concert. I did not know who he was, but I definitely became a fan after his performance. Walk Off the Earth followed with “Gang of Rhythm”. They then performed various songs from their new album including “Sing it All Away”, “Boomerang”, and “Rule the World”.

They even recreated their popular YouTube cover of Adele’s “Hello” with the pipes. They are some of the best live performers I have seen! Their voices were so clear and stable. They sounded just like the studio recording! They put on many great performances and interacted with the audience. I would love to attend more of their concerts in the future!


Marianas Trench was everything I have dreamt of. They opened with “Astoria”. I nearly cried with excitement and joy! They performed songs from their new album, and some older hits like “All to Myself”, “Pop 101”, “Porcelain”, and “Cross My Heart”. At some point Josh flew over the crowd! This was possibly my favourite non-KPOP concert experience.

21 Pilots

I really hope to go to more concerts in the future. Twenty One Pilots is having a concert in Toronto in June. Unfortunately, this concert happens on a Tuesday, and school is a thing for me. I cannot afford to skip any classes this semester.


Panic! at the Disco is coming to Toronto in July. This concert happens on a Wednesday, which will be my busiest day of the week. This concert is also a lost dream. Hopefully, I have a chance to see them in the future along with groups like Paramore, Fall Out Boy, AAA, and any Hello Project Act.

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