Currently Watching Dramas (April, 2016)

Kill Me, Heal Me (2014)
Starring: Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum
Episodes seen: 14
Rating: 8.0

Now that I have given anime a rest, I dedicated more of my time to dramas. This drama has been amazing so far. It hits every one of my “feels” organs. One thing I like about this drama is that the lead female character, Oh Ri Jin, does not completely annoy me. She does have her moments where sometimes I question her decisions, but overall she seems to be a strong individual. I am at the point of the drama where I know that she along with Cha Do Hyun, has suffered a traumatic childhood. They both have their avenues to fight through that pain and memory loss. They both lean on each other for support. It is a very sweet drama with many comedic elements.

Kill Me Heal Me - Shin Seki

PS: Am I the only one that likes Shin Seki more than Cha Do Hyun? I always fall for the bad boy types!

1 Comment
  1. Haha definitely not the only one. Of the two I ended up liking Do-hyun better, personally, but Perry Park is my favorite over all… not that I shipped Perry with Ri-jin, just that he was my favorite…

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