Inaba Manaka goes on Hiatus

2016 1

Hello Project has announced that Country Girls member, Inaba Manaka, will be going on temporary hiatus over the next few months. Manaka suffers from asthma, which has become an increasing problem since her move from Hokkaido to Tokyo. Manaka has will not participate in the upcoming Country Girls and Hello Project Summer Tours.

I know a few people with asthma, so I know that it is a very serious condition. Manaka’s situation is totally understandable. She should take this time to rest and recuperate. Moving from Hokkaido to Tokyo is a big change. Not only did her get busier with full schedules and performances, but her physical environment changed as well. I have never been to Japan, but I can imagine Hokkaido being this beautiful rural area with open space. Tokyo is probably the complete opposite. There may be dense built form, limited open space, and increased traffic on the roadways. The air quality must be vastly different. This may be a big change for someone who grew up in Hokkaido. I do not want to assume, but this is what I get from the situation.


Hopefully, Manaka will return to Country Girls in September. It was not confirmed whether or not Country Girls would be making new music while Manaka is on hiatus. All we can do is wish that Manaka gets well soon and returns to Country Girls soon.

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