Morning Musume ’16 13th Generation Wish List (Promote these trainees!)

2016 (2)

The audition for Morning Musume’s 13th generation is currently under way. The first round was completed in March, and since then there has been no updates on the status of the auditions. Many fans are bubbling with anticipation and excitement. I admit that I am one of those fans. I really miss the days when Hello Project publicized every step of the auditions. Now, we only get to see some audition footage when the winners are announced, but that is a complaint for another post.
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In this post, I will be outlining my “wish list” for Morning Musume’s 13th generation. Every fan has an idea of whom or what kinds of people they want in Morning Musume. With the upcoming graduation of Suzuki Kanon (cries), Morning Musume will be at eleven members. There will be no confirmation on how many members will be added until the winners are announced. Some fans are hoping for just one new member while others are hoping for the usual three or four new members. My philosophy at this time is the more, the merrier. As much as I do not want to admit it, there will be more graduations in the future, and we will need new girls to maintain the group.

While I am hoping to see some new faces from outside of Hello Project, there are a few of the Kenshuusei that I am hoping to join the group. These trainees are as follows:

Kaga Kaede


This girl has been a trainee for quite some time. She has improved since her earlier days and I think she deserves to debut. While I prefer for her to be in a new unit, I think Morning Musume is also a great choice for her. Her deeper tones will work well with the vocals of the other members in the group. Can you imagine her singing with Haruka? I would love it! #debutkaedenow

Danbara Ruru


Ruru has been bursting with talent ever since she joined the Kenshuusei. I am surprised that she has not debuted in a group or become a soloist yet. When I see her perform I have to remind myself that she is still a trainee. I think with talent like hers she deserves to be in Hello Project’s top group.

Kiyono Momohime


I did not want to join the Momohime bandwagon. It seems that everyone wants her to debut. I am not usually keen on newcomers in the Kenshuusei debuting before the older members. I do not really think it is fair, especially when the senior members are just as skilled and talented. That is just my opinion. However, her cuteness and sass got to me. When I saw her performance at the latest Kenshuusei testing event, she blew me away. Her singing was mostly stable and her confidence outshone the rest. I think this is the skill and personality we need in Morning Musume.

Takase Kurumi


This is another girl that was pretty talented from the start. She had experience prior to joining Hello Project, and continued to improve her skills. She is a great singer and dancer, and she proved herself at the recent Kenshuusei event. I believe her skills will fit right in Morning Musume and help the group reach further success. Not to mention she is also really pretty.

Hopefully one of these girls makes it into the 13th Generation of Morning Musume. Until the results are announced later this year, fans can only hope.

2016 1

There are a few more Kenshuusei that I hope to see debut. I do not believe that Morning Musume is the right group for them, but I do hope to see them within another group in Hello Project. I do not think that Juice=Juice, Kobushi Factory, Country Girls or Tsubaki Factory need new members at this time. Also, C-ute’s lineup is fixed. The company would not add any more members. That leaves ANGERME. I do not expect the company to add any new members even though Meimi is graduating, and since Moe just joined the group. However, if I had to pick some Kenshuusei to join the group I would probably choose the following girls:

Inoue Hikaru


Akiyama Mao


Maeda Kokoro



These are three very pretty girls with unique performing abilities. They have worked hard during their tenure in Hello Pro Kenshuusei and I believe that they are ready to debut.

If the company were to make a new unit (and I hope that they do) I would choose the following girls for the new unit:

Ichioka Reina


Just like Kaga and Hikaru, Reina has been in the program for a while. I do not want to see this turn into a case where she ended up leaving before she can debut. Reina is talented and I believe that it is her time to shine.

Onoda Saori


Saori seems to be pretty popular among fans. She is also a great singer. I believe her popularity and talent can really boost a new unit.

Nakano Rion


This girl is too adorable. She would make a perfect center of a new group. This is my hint to you Hello Project!

Hashimoto Nagisa


She really impressed me with her improvement at the recent test. If she continues up a positive road I believe that she can become an exceptional performer!

Kasahara Momona


She is the winner of this year’s diagnosis test. I never really noticed her until this point. She clearly has the skill to be in a new unit.

As the year goes on, Hello Project continues to face more changes. I hope that these changes are mostly positive, especially for the Kenshuusei, and I hope we see new music and units made!

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