B.A.P Concert Recap


B.A.P made a stop in Toronto during their “Live on Earth” tour. I had the incredible opportunity of attending this concert. The concert was everything I dreamed of and more.


The concert took place on April 24, 2016 at Massey Hall, Toronto. When I arrived at the theatre I was amazed at the line waiting to go inside. When I got there the line started on Shuter Street and was halfway down Victoria Street. While I waited, the line continued to extend down Victoria Street and turned on to Queen Street. It was a large crowd! I was so happy that B.A.P was getting all this support.

BAP Perks

After waiting in line for some time, we were allowed to enter the building. Each ticket tier entered the building at different points. I purchased V.I.P tickets, so I got several perks such as a B.A.P towel, a signed album and a signed Polaroid. My favourite member, Youngjae, signed my album. I also got photo cards of Himchan, Zelo and Daehyun.

Signed Album

The ticket also came with a hi-touch session. The only thing that could have made the perks better was an official light stick! I was envious of those fans that purchased light sticks online. I wish that I did that so I would have something to hold during the concert.

So far away T_T

Although I purchased V.I.P tickets, there were some issues during ticket sales and I was placed at the back of the very large V.I.P section. I was nowhere close to the stage. I am still very upset about this. Tickets were sold on Massey theatre’s website. I was on the website fifteen minutes before tickets sales opened only to realize that there was a queuing system in place. KPOPME, the organizers of this event, did not tell us about this system beforehand. I was the 199th person in line and had to wait fifteen minutes after the sales officially started to be able to enter the website.

When I finally gained access, I was not allowed to choose my seat, nor did I have any indication of where my seats will be. I was very upset about this. Many people complained about this. To make matters even worse, people who accessed the website at a much later time got to see and choose their seats. This made me even more upset when I realized that I was at the BACK of the V.I.P section. Many people stated that the website could not handle the heavy traffic. I do not see this as an excuse. B.A.P’s fanbase is pretty huge. If you bring this group to Canada you should expect there to be heavy traffic during ticketing sales. There should be a system in place to handle this sort of traffic (e.g. Ticketmaster). If not, we should have gotten some sort of compensation. Because of this situation, I paid a lot of money to sit far away. I did not get any engagement with the boys other than the hi-touch. Yes, a month after and I am still upset about this situation! After being so close to the stage for the Dynamic Duo concert, it was disheartening to be so far away for B.A.P, especially when I spent more money on these tickets.

Moving back to the concert, while waiting for it to start I conversed with the Babyz around me. The Hall was buzzing with excitement. Every now and again fans screamed and chanted with the hopes that the group appeared on stage. Finally, the lights dimmed and the music began. A DJ and drummer started off the show to hype up the crowd, before we realized it B.A.P came onto the stage and began performing “Warrior”. The crowd, including me, went crazy. This was the beginning of a sensational and memorable concert.

The video above uploaded by Suraya R shows the full concert. My videos are a bit shorter and were not very good since I was so hyped (my screaming and singing were terrible) and because I was so far away. I still included some of my videos below. These videos had less screaming and poor singing (LOL). You can also see and hear the energy of the audience. This shows that it was a truly amazing concert!

The boys performed older hits like “Warrior”, “What the Hell”, “No Mercy” (my favourite), “Badman” and “One Shot”. They also performed some newer songs like “Carnival” and “Feel So Good”.

Some of the members had solo stages. Zelo killed it with his solo dance performance. He danced to many songs like The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face”, Flo Rida’s “G.D.F.R” and Zayn’s “Pillow Talk”. During that concert, I realized that I am such KPOP trash because I was not up to date with mainstream music. I swear I did not even know “Pillow Talk” before that night. Zelo’s stage was honestly the most memorable. He smoothly danced straight into my heart.

Himchan and Jongup also had solo stages that night. Himchan performed “S.N.S” and Jongup performed “Now”.

2016-04-25 22.25.51

Canadian Babyz came together and made special banners. The banner shown above read “I’ll be by your side forever”. We held up these banners while they sang “With You”. The boys looked extremely happy when we did. This warmed my heart. I am glad that Babyz came together for this project. You all made our boys incredibly happy! The concert ended with this song and we shouted “Encore” for a couple of minutes. The group came back with renewed energy and performed “Young, Wild and Free”, “Crash”, and “Excuse Me” before leaving the stage for the last time.

The hi-touch session was at the end of the concert. This was the only engagement I got with the members. I will always remember those few seconds of my life where I touched the boys that I love so much. As I gave them a high-five I thanked them and they smiled back at me. I died after I left the room.

Despite the issues with ticketing, I had a great experience at the concert. The boys put on a great performance that I will remember for a lifetime. The performances and the energy of the fellow fans made this an enjoyable concert. I really hope to see them in concert again in the future.

Thank you B.A.P!

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