VIXX Concert Recap


Pop Goes the World held their annual KPOP Convention in Toronto last month. The weekend was full of fun workshops, giveaways, and merchandise sales. The best parts of the convention were the concerts by headlining acts, VIXX, G-Friend, DAY6, and GOT7. As much as I wanted to go to every concert, especially GOT7’s concert, I did not have enough money to attend all. I have already made a dent in my account from the other four concerts I attended this year.

Wait for me!

I initially contemplated attending the GOT7 concert on Sunday evening. However, I waited too long and the tickets were sold out. I am still mad at myself for waiting so long. My hesitation made me miss the chance to see one of my favourite groups live. I am sorry Jackson, Bambam and Mark! Please wait for me!

On the other hand, I was really lucky to snag some tickets for the VIXX concert on Friday night. This was one time I did not buy the highest tier of tickets, but I was still at a reasonable distance from the stage and was able to take part in the hi-touch session after the concert.

Before I get into the concert recap, I would just like to commend Pop Goes the World for a job well-done. After my terrible experience at the Hallyu North convention, I was very nervous for this convention. However, the convention ran pretty smoothly. All the workshops ran as planned. There were proper wayfinding signs to the events and booths. The location was very centralized and even though there was not much food, there were areas outside the convention center to purchase food.


There was an array of booths. There were several booths selling a variety of KPOP albums. I purchased 4minute’s “Volume Up” and Mamamoo’s “Hello”. I realized that my collection at that time consisted mostly of male groups, so I promised myself that on that day I would get more girl group albums.


There were many K-beauty booths that gave away free samples or makeovers. I am not a huge fan of makeup, and to be honest I do not have a strict skincare regime (which is probably bad). These booths did not interest me as much, but they were still crowded by many interested girls. I still got some free facemasks.

Before I move onto the concert recap, I just want to apologize since there will be a lack of pictures and videos of the concert. The “no camera” policy was actually enforced. Many people were called out for using cameras and taking photos with their phone. I only got a few photos and videos before the security started walking around.

VIXX songs were on repeat before the concert began. The concert officially began with an introduction video. The audience screamed as each member featured in the video. Leo, Ravi and N got the biggest response.

The concert started with a bang! The boys came out on stage in flashy blue suits and performed “Chained Up”. The crowd’s energy was off the charts! There were fan chants, screams, and people singing along while I sat in amazement. I could not believe what was in front of me was real.


The guys started off with low energy. I did not blame them. They arrived in Toronto earlier that day with little rest from their previous schedules. However, the crowd’s cheers brought their energy straight back up!

VIXX continued to perform for two hours. They performed songs like “Voodoo” (equipped with their famous voodoo stick), “Dynamite”, “Spider”, “Beautiful Killer”, “Eternity”, “Error” and more. The video below by ZilLonO is just truncated preview of the concert.

Their MC portions were the cutest things ever. Their was English was pretty good. There was a translator on stage with them, but many of his translations were slow and lacking. My Korean friend actually did a better job translating than he did. One day, I will be able to understand Korean. Unfortunately, that day was not the day. During the MC section, VIXX relayed their appreciation to Toronto fans and their delight for being in Toronto.



There was also a Q&A session where all the members answered questions written by the fans in the audience. There were many interesting questions. One lucky fan got VIXX to sing happy birthday to her!

The group performed a few more songs and the concert ended with the hi-touch and photo session. The highest tier was given an opportunity to take a photo with the group. I was so jealous, but still grateful that I got to touch each member for a couple seconds during the hi-touch session. I tried not to freak out as I high-fived each member. It was an exhilarating experience but slightly intimidating since they ALL looked at me directly in my eyes. When I left the concert hall, my soul died. I did not want to wash my hands after that, but I had to use the bathroom so that dream died pretty quick.

To conclude, I just want to thank Pop Goes the World for putting on an amazing convention and concert. I enjoyed every minute of it. I had a couple of friends who attended the G-Friend concert and shared similar sentiments. I am really eager to see whom they bring next year.



Thank you Pop Goes the World and VIXX!


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