Show Me The Money 5 – Favourite Contestants


Show Me The Money 5 started a few weeks ago and is already at its halfway point. Many contestants have already been eliminated including some of my favourites such as Sanchez and Killogramz.

Out of the few contestants remaining, I only have a few favourites. I believe they have the potential to survive until the final. Unfortunately, they can’t all be finalists. I have listed my current favourites from this season below:

G2 G2

I am in love with his voice. His rapping skills are top-notch and his raspy voice makes them sound even better. He has hit a few speed bumps during this season, but he is one of the best rappers I have seen in the show. Also, he reminds me of a teddy bear. I have noticed some of his cute antics during the show. They make me adore him even more.



I have been a fan of Aziatix and Flowsik for a few years now. My heart broke when they disbanded. I was quite surprised, but happy when I saw Flowsik audition for this show. I am letting my readers know from now. I am 100% biased towards Flowsik. I expect him to win this season. You cannot deny that he is the best rapper out of the remaining contestants and has a voice that not even G2 can beat.



I watched Star Ship Entertainment’s “No Mercy” and I have been a fan of #GUN ever since. I was highly disappointed when he was not chosen for Monsta X’s final lineup. However, I am pleased to see that he has not given up. He has made it far in this competition and I will continue to root for him. I really hope that his company recognizes his talents.



BeWhy seems to be a general favourite this season. I confess that I have also jumped onto the bandwagon. His rapping skills are pretty good. I often catch myself being entranced by his rapping.



To be honest, CJAMM’s “confidence” and narcissism annoys me. I do not really like him as a person, but I respect his rapping skills.



Lastly, we have the best-looking contestant, One. He hates that people acknowledges his looks before his rapping skills, but I am sorry. I am a female. His appearance is the first thing I notice. He has not been doing too well this season, and that leaves me a bit disappointed because I know he can do much better. His nerves are getting the best of him, but I have faith that he will improve later on in the season.

Those are my favourites of Show Me the Money 5. I really hope that some of them make it to the finals.


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