My Concert Bucket List

I admit it. I have become a concert-going junkie. I have attended FIVE concerts for the year so far, and I want MORE. Unfortunately, I do not think my bank would be able to handle that. I have seen a fair amount of KPOP artists live including, SHINee, B.A.P, Teen Top, Ailee, San E, Jay Park, and more. However, the list of artists I wish to see in concert is still pretty long.
Below I have listed KPOP and JPOP artists I wish to see in concert at some point in my life:

Hello! Project

This includes all major Hello Project acts: C-ute, Morning Musume ’16, ANGERME, Juice=Juice, Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory. The wota at their concerts always seemed so hyped!

Super Junior

Super Junior was one of the first groups I listened to when I just started my KPOP journey. It is only fair that I see them in concert at least once. However, I do not know about the status of Super Junior since there are a few more members that have to go on their mandatory military leave, and since Kangin decided to get stupidly drunk and ruin his career…again.


I know I have seen SHINee in “concert” already but it was for a measly thirty minutes! I want to see them on stage for much longer than that! I want to hear more than five songs! I need to see them in a full-length concert!

Bangtan Boys

The things I would do just to see these boys in concert. Bangtan Boys is one of my favourite guy groups. Their vocals and choreography always seem to be on point in their music videos. I can only imagine how amazing they would be live!


This group was basically created to put on great concerts. I am tired of watching their concerts through Youtube clips. I have to see them with my own eyes someday!


My ultimate bias is in this group, so it is only natural that I want to see them in concert. I really love their music. After the concert, there should be a hi-touch so I can touch each member for a couple seconds. I would probably die after making contact with CNU.

Epik High

I missed an opportunity to see them last year. When they came to Toronto I went back to the Caribbean for a couple of months. Even today that still hurts me. I hope I get an opportunity to see what I missed out on last year.


I know some of my friends would be shocked to see EXO on this list, but I am very curious. I have a feeling that after I see them live, I would fall head over heels in love with them.


I have seen Jay Park in concert already and it was amazing. Now it is time to see the rest of the AOMG crew! That includes Hoody, Elo, Gray, Simon D, Ugly Duck, and Loco. I can imagine how hyped that concert would be. I had hope that I would be seeing them this year, but that dream died pretty quickly. I hope that they come to Toronto at some point while I’m here.

Big Bang

If you read my blog regularly, you would know that I had to give up my opportunity to see Big Bang last year. This was one of the most heart-breaking moments of my life. They are my favourite male group. I have to go to one of their concerts at some point in my life. I am not sure how soon that will be though. All the members are due for their military enlistment soon.


These girls are amazing dancers. I am in love with almost all their choreography. I would love to see them in concert someday. I would also love to see their main groups in concert, including Flower and Happiness.


I have always wanted to see 2NE1 in concert. I am very disappointed that I would never see Minzy perform with them. However, that does not waver my desire to see them live. This group has great stage charisma. They really know how to rock a show!

Block B

I was debating on whether to include this group in this list. It didn’t help that “Toy” was on repeat in my head while writing this post. Nevertheless, I have included them in this list. I know that I would be screaming my head off and singing along with them in their concert. I would probably also die and melt into a puddle when I hear P.O’s deep voice.


She is my favourite soloist. She is a phenomenal singer. Her music gives me life. I know that this is a far-fetched wish, but I really hope she comes to Toronto. Seeing her in concert would probably be one of the best things ever.


Nell is another group whose music gives me life. They remind me of the Western music that I listen to, only better, and most of their songs are in Korean. Their music evokes so much emotion. Combining that with Jongwan’s soulful voice would make the perfect concert experience.


This group was another one of my KPOP “firsts”. Other than genuinely loving their music, from what I have seen online, they seem to be great live performers.


I missed my chance to see them live this year. I am going to make sure that I don’t make such a mistake again. I want to see their martial arts type dances on stage! Wait for me boys!

Wow, this list seems to be getting a bit long.


Continuing along this SM Entertainment train, I would love to see SNSD in concert. I am currently compiling my TOP 100 KPOP songs list for this year, and I realized that I love a lot of music from this group. I have to see them live so I can sing along to these songs that I love.


This is the last Japanese act on my list. This group is known for their amazing concert and theatrical performances. I have to see them at least once in this lifetime. I am pretty sure my admiration for them will only grow.


They are the legends of Korean Music. They are the legends of Korean hip-hop and R&B. They are highly skilled, talented and they are some of my favourites. I love their music. I love their style. I can only imagine hearing their rapping combined with Yoon Mi Rae’s soulful voice. I need to experience that.


This is another group that made a couple of appearances in last year’s (and this year’s) TOP 100 list. They have really great music and I would love to see them perform it in concert.


Finally, we have Mamamoo. We all know they are great singers, even during live performances. If I ever get the opportunity to see them, I hope they do their famous idol song medley.

Phew! That was a pretty lengthy list! Tell me what groups you would love to see in concert in the comment section!

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