Hello Project Idols as Drama Characters

Lights! Camera! Action! 

This post is a spin-off of my earlier post about Hello Project idols as anime characters. However, this time I envisioned the girls as characters in dramas that I have watched! See the list below:

Yajima Maimi as Kim Nana (City Hunter)

Maimi as Kim Nana

Nana was a strong-minded bodyguard. She had brains and fighting skills. This is a role made for strong-willed Maimi.

Nakajima Saki as Cha Eun Sang (The Heirs)

Saki as Cha Eun Sang

I cannot really explain why I think Nakky makes a good fit for this role. I just think she will be able to pull it off well. Visually, I think I would have preferred to see her as Cha Eun Sang over Park Shin Hye.

Suzuki Airi as Arihara Kotoko (Itazura na Kiss)

Airi as Aihara Kotoko

I thought that Honoka Miki looked a lot like Airi for some reason, especially during the opening sequence of the first season. I also think that Airi would be able to play a good Kotoko, clumsiness and all. Airi just has the charm for the role.

Okai Chisato as Go Mi Nam (You’re Beautiful)

Chisato as Go Mi Nam

In this drama, Go Mi Nam has to pose as a male to be part of a band. I think that Chisato will be able to pass off this role with her shorter hair. Not to mention, she is also an excellent singer.

Fukumura Mizuki as Maria (Hayate The Combat Butler)

Mizuki as Maria

Maria is gorgeous. I could not take my eyes off of her during the drama. Mizuki also has a mature appearance and elegant which pretty much matches Maria.

Ikuta Erina as Jan Di (Boys Over Flowers)

Erina as Jan Di

I blame the short bob hair as factor that influenced my decision. Just like Jan Di, Erina has a confident and gregarious personality.

Suzuki Kanon as Kim Pil Suk (Dream High)

Kanon as Kim Pil Sook
I confess that I chose this character for Kanon because of her chubbiness, but that is the most admirable trait of both Kanon and Pil Suk! I also chose Pil Suk as Kanon’s character because they both went through a transformation. In the drama, Pil Suk lost a great amount of weight and looked completely different, much like what Kanon did during the “Oh My Wish” era.

Sato Masaki as Xiao Zhi (Hayate The Combat Butler)

Masaki as Xiao Zhi

The reason that I chose Xiao Zhi for Masaki was the same reason why I chose Mayu for her anime counterpart. Masaki will make a good spoiled princess.

Kudo Haruka as Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)

Haruka as Haruhi

Since there was a live action for this anime, my choice for Haruka stays the same. You can read why I chose her here.

Oda Sakura as Kyoko (Skip Beat)

Sakura as Kyoko

This is also the same choice for Sakura from the anime post. There was a live action for this anime as well.

Nonaka Miki as Lee Seul Bi (High School! Love On)

Miki as Lee Seul Bi

In my opinion, Miki has a pure and angelic look. An angelic role will suit her well, and what better role is there for her other than Lee Seul Bi: the literal angel among humans!

Shimizu Saki as Gil Ra Im (Secret Garden)

Saki as Gil Ra Im

A shorthaired Saki will fit this role. Both Ra Im and Saki are flexible and physically fit. I would love to see Saki as an action stuntperson!

Sudo Maasa as Sunako (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)

Maasa as Sunako

This is my same selection from the previous post. “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge” is an alternate name for “The Wallflower”.

Natsuyaki Miyabi as Nika (Switch Girl)

Miyabi as Nika

Miyabi is pretty and stylist, much like Nika from Switch Girl. It would be interesting to see Miyabi in this role, especially as Nika’s “off mode”.

Kumai Yurina as Risa (Lovely Complex)

Yurina as Risa

Okay, this was not really a drama. It was a movie but the reason for choosing Yurina for this role because of her height still stands.

Sugaya Risako as Go Hye Mi (Dream High)

Risako as Go Hye Mi

The only reason why I chose Risako for this role is because of her singing ability. Additionally, Hye Mi had a bit of a narcissistic attitude throughout the show. I am not saying that Risako is narcissistic, but I think she can act out the role pretty well.

Wada Ayaka as Kim Miyeong (Fated to Love You)

Ayaka as Kim Miyeong

Ayaka reminds me of Miyeong because they both have that awkwardness to them and are both artists. It would be entertaining to see Ayaka portray a pregnant woman though.

Takeuchi Akari as Ashiya Mizuki (Hana Kimi)

Akari as Ashiya Mizuki

This is another gender-switch show where the lead female character, Mizuki, has to dress up as a male to enroll in an all-male school. Takeuchi Akari is another one of Hello Project tomboys, so she fits the role just fine! She also looks like a person who is good at sports, which will do well since the main character is enrolled in a sports school.

Yamaki Risa as Oh Cho Rim (The Girls Who Sees Scents)

Risa as Oh Cho Rim

I don’t know why I chose Risa for this role. I think she will be able to recreate this role. When I thought of Oh Cho Rim, Risa was the first to come to mind.

Miyazaki Yuka as Kim Hye Jin (She Was Pretty)

Yuka as Kim Hye Jin

For some unexplained reason, I think a writer role fits Yuka well. That is why I chose her as Kim Hye Jin since her journalist job was a big part of the profession. I am a bit iffy about Yuka’s timid personality. It is the complete opposite of Hye Jin’s personality, especially in the latter half of the series.

Uemura Akari as Lee Eun Bi/Go Eun Byul (School 2015)

Akari as Eun BiEun Byul

Akari is the member that resembles Kim So Hyun the most. She could pull off the benevolent nature of Eun Byul, but also the stark personality of Eun Bi. Her role in Budokan reminded me of Eun Bi, which led to my decision.

Sayashi Riho as Baek Mari (Orange Marmalade)

Riho as Baek Ma Ri

Yes, I put Riho in another vampire role. That is only because she is so good at the genre! This drama has a lot singing involved as well, which is right up Riho’s alley.


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