Currently Watching Dramas (June 2016)

Note: I have skipped the month of May since I did not watch any dramas (or start any new ones) in that month.

Doctors (2016)
Starring: Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye
Episodes seen: 4
Note: This is the number of episodes I have seen at the end of June. I am currently on episode eight.
Rating: 7.5
Notes: Why do I always torture myself with these airing dramas? I was not planning to watch this drama until I saw the trailer of Park Shin Hye being a badass and taking down a gang of bad guys. That is when I realized that this would not be a typical medical drama. The drama has been going pretty good so far. One thing that I really love is that they took two episodes to go into Hye Jung and Ji Hong’s past and provide a background into their relationship. This helped me to put things into perspective for the following episodes.

Yoon DO

I really like Yoon Do. He is so attractive and his jealousy towards Ji Hong is the cutest thing ever. Ji Hong’s boyish charm and assertion towards Hye Jung have also caught my heart. They are making it difficult for me to choose a favourite!

Dream Knight (2015)
Starring: GOT7 and Song Ha Yoon
Episodes seen: 6
Rating: 6.0
Notes: I know that this drama was created for as a form of fan service and is not meant to be taken seriously, but my gosh, it is terrible. Don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of GOT7, so I am not trying to bash them in any way. This drama is not even funny, and I cringe throughout most of it. Even though the show is incredibly tacky, I am determined to finish it. 

Drunken To Love You (2011)
Starring: Chang Joseph and Yang Rainie
Episodes seen: 16
Rating: 7.0
Notes: This is the earlier Taiwanese version of “Fated to Love You”. I had this series on hold for quite some time. It did not immediately capture my interest, but as I continued the series I felt myself being drawn in. I love the hot and cold relationship between Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu. On the other hand, Ai Wei is the most annoying and selfish character in the show. I get so upset every time she comes on screen that I have started skipping her scenes. This is a pretty long drama. There are thirty episodes on Dramafever, so I still have a long way to go.

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