C-ute to Disband Next Year


All good things must come to an end.

I want to cry. I want to bawl. I just want to roll into a ball and pretend that this never happened. I had a pretty crappy day and it only got worse when C-ute announced their upcoming disbandment.

Hello Project group, C-ute, announced that they would disband in June of next year. Their last performance will be at the Saitama Super Arena. Below is an extract of the translation of the announcement by Up-Front Link:

“On February of this year, when all the members were at least 20 years old, there had been a discussion about the future of ℃-ute and each member.

At that time, all the members of ℃-ute aimed to their goal, doing their best as a group.

And last month, they have been told about the decision of a Saitama Super Arena performance in June of next year.

After this, there has been a discussion: “For us, ℃-ute, this Saitama Super Arena is our goal, and until this day, we will rush with all our power and after we want to walk respectively in our own path”.

Unlike Berryz Koubou who is on an “indefinite hiatus”, C-ute will disband.


I knew that this time was going to come, but my heart was not ready for it. As I said earlier, I had a terrible day. I took a nap and woke up to this news of this disbandment. My day just got a lot worse.


C-ute is the powerhouse performing group of Hello Project. Their stage performances are always high quality. They are willing to try new things to entertain their audience. They are also the oldest group (age-wise) in Hello Project, so their music and performances are a bit more mature than other Hello Project groups.


C-ute may not be my absolute favourite Hello Project group (Morning Musume has that spot with ANGERME in second), but I still love and respect this group. It is extremely disheartening to see them go, but it was expected. The group has been around for over ten years. It is time for the girls to take on new paths in their lives. Rumours have been going around that Maimi will go into the acting industry, while Saki and Airi aim at being reporters, Chisato will do variety shows and Mai will go into fashion.


I am not surprised at Maimi, Mai and Chisato’s aspirations. Maimi was always a great actress and Mai seemed to be interested in apparel. Chisato is very charismatic, which makes her a hit on variety shows. While I am not surprised that Saki aimed at a profession outside of the entertainment industry, I did not expect her to want to be a reporter. I am also quite surprised that Airi is not continuing her singing career. It is a bit disappointing since she is such a great singer, but I support her in her new endeavor.

2016 1

On another note, with the disbandment of C-ute, I cannot help but wonder who will replace Maimi as leader of Hello Project. My best guess is that Tsugunaga Momoko will assume this role, as she is the next oldest person of Hello Project. I believe that she fits this role perfectly. She has been doing a great job as the playing manager of Country Girls. My next two guesses are Wada Ayaka and Fukumura Mizuki respectively.

please debut soon

As I said, I expected this announcement but it still hurts a lot. Hello Project faced a lot of changes this year and it seems that it would be no different next year. My only hope is that another Kenshuusei unit is created in their place. This is my hope for Kaga Kaede, Ichioka Reina, and Inoue Hikaru!


We only have a couple of months with the group, so I will cherish every minute until the end. Thank you C-ute, for everything you have done for us twelve years.

PS: I am going to cry like a baby for that graduation concert.


Also, I realized with Airi leaving Hello Project that means that this is the true end of Buono!



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