Three New Members of Tsubaki Factory


If you have been up to date with the latest Hello! Project news then you would know about the newest members of Tsubaki Factory.

Yes, a Hello Project Kenshuusei unit that has yet to make a major debut has just received three new members from Hello Pro Kenshuusei. The members are as followed:

Ono Mizuho (24th Generation)


Birthdate: September 29, 2000
Age: 15
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Onoda Saori (22nd Generation)


Birthdate: December 17, 2001
Age: 14
Birthplace: Shizuoka, Japan

Akiyama Mao (24th Generation)


Birthdate: July 29, 2002
Age: 14
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

I do not know if this news was a shock to me or not. Recently, I had a feeling that a big change was coming for Tsubaki Factory. A part of me hoped that they would have their major debut soon, but another part of me felt that a new member would be added as well. I did not expect this thought to actually come true and I definitely did not expect THREE new members.

please debut soon

I admit that I am a bit upset that some of the older Kenshuusei such as Kaga Kaede, Inoue Hikaru and Ichioka Reina were passed over while deciding new members. Okay, I am really upset. I was actually pissed when I realized that again, these hardworking members were ignored. My final hope for them is the Morning Musume 13th Generation audition. I have a feeling that these members would soon leave because they were not successful in debuting under Hello Project.

Also, Reina and Kaede are soon to be over the usual age requirements for auditioning for a Hello Project group (10-17 years old). If they are not chosen for the 13th Generation, made into soloists, or are added to a new unit, I am certain that they will leave the program. That would be as heartbreaking as when Tanabe Nanami left the program. My heart is still healing from that time.

While I am salty that these girls were passed up, I am also content with the selection. Saori and Mao are some of my favourite Kenshuusei. Their energy on stage stands out above the rest. Not to mention, I was also very impressed with their performances from this year’s test event.

Mizuho Ono

I am not as familiar with Mizuho. She seemed to be pretty all right at the test event. As she starts her activities with Tsubaki Factory I will be paying closer attention to her.

I really hope that these new additions will help the group reach their goal of major debut. I will have to get used to seeing a much bigger group now. I am hoping that this decision was a good one and they bring positive changes to Tsubaki Factory.

While I am hoping that Tsubaki Factory receives that special announcement of major debut soon, they still have a lot of work to do. I will commend them for their improvement since their conception last year. Their vocal and performance skills have improved. I am in love with “Hitorijime” from their 3rd indie single, “Hitorijime / Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo”. They just need to continue working on their performance skills. Yumeno and Kiki rule the stage, and I can see that Ami is genuinely trying. On the other hand, Risa, Kisora and sometimes Riko, lack any emotion in their singing and faces while performing. Hopefully, they can work on that while reaching for major debut.

Congratulations and good luck to the new members and I hope that Tsubaki Factory achieves their dream of major debut! They begin activities in September.

I have included the video of the new member announcement from this week’s Hello Pro Station.

Video note: I am wondering if Yumeno’s tears while they are being told about the new members are tears of shock, happiness or sadness? Also, did anyone else notice that the reactions from the current members while the new members were being announced were different for each girl? They were shocked and happy for Saori and screamed in jubilation for Mao, but Mizuho hardly received a response. I do not know if it was the editing of the video, but there was an awkward tension during Mizuho’s announcement. Is she not close with any of the other members? These thoughts are just circling in my mind.


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