Currently Watching Dramas (July 2016)

Doctors (2016)
Starring: Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye
Episodes seen: 17 (This is the episode that I am currently on)
Rating: 7.5
Notes: My ship is still broken. I have no idea who to ship Hye Jung with. The drama is progressing really well so far. However, I am kind of getting annoyed with Hye Jung, especially since she is so bent on revenge. However, I know there would be no plot without it. I just hope everything works out in the end.

Dream Knight (2015)
Starring: GOT7 and Song Ha Yoon
Episodes seen: 6
Rating: 6.0
Notes: This drama is another struggle to finish. I have no incentive to watch it, but I am sure I will finish it eventually.

Drunken To Love You (2011)
Starring: Chang Joseph and Yang Rainie
Episodes seen: 24
Rating: 7.0
Notes: Why is this drama so LONG? I feel like the screenwriters created random events to extend the series and get more money. This drama did not have to be this long. I just want to finish it!




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