Tsubaki Factory Major Debut!


I know I am really late with this news, but Hello Project has announced that Tsubaki Factory will be making their MAJOR DEBUT in January 2017!

Tsubaki Factory

Finally, the time has come! After all their hard work, Tsubaki Factory will have their major debut. The group formed in April 2015. The unit was created a few months after their sister unit, Kobushi Factory. Kobushi Factory was a pretty skilled group since their formation, so they had a speedy debut later that year. Unfortunately, Tsubaki Factory was not so lucky. They continued as a Hello Pro Kenshuusei unit for over a year, releasing a few (and not so successful) indies singles. Many fans, including me, wondered if the group would ever officially debut.


Our questions were answered during the Hello Pro Kenshuusei’s September recital. Shimizu Saki came onstage right before the 9-nin group’s first performance for “Hitorijime”. She then announced that the group would be officially debuting early next year. Of course, this brought shock and tears to the girls on stage. It is something that they wanted for a while and now they have finally achieved it.


I am incredibly happy for the girls, but I cannot help but wonder. Three new members were added to the group not too long before this announcement. They have barely started performing with the group, and already they are promised an official debut. It is quite obvious that the agency had planned for Tsubaki Factory’s official debut prior to the addition of the new members. Did they choose these particular members just so they can debut them with a group? If this is the case, then I feel even sorrier towards the older Kenshuusei who are still struggling to debut within Hello Project.

Major Debut Announcement

Regardless, I wish all the best to all nine girls. Congratulations girls! This is only the beginning of an even longer journey together. My prayers have been answered. I look forward to a new Tsubaki Factory next year!

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