Kobushi Factory: “Kobushi no Hana” Music Video Review

On November 30, Kobushi Factory will release their first album, “Kobushi Sono Ichi”. This album will contain seventeen tracks of old favourites and new songs.

Last week, a music video for the 17th track, “Kobushi no Hana” was released. This music video came as a huge shock to me. Special music videos are usually created to promote albums. However, this album was barely promoted. An announcement was made that Kobushi Factory was releasing their first album. Then earlier this month the girls’ official profile photos changed to what I am assuming are the clothes they wear on the album cover. That was pretty much all the promotion I saw for the album. There was not much hype around it as there usually is.

Nov 2016

When I watched the music video, my shock quickly turned into me being awestruck. “Kobushi no Hana” has to be one of Hello Project’s best music videos for the year.

Firstly, the song is spectacular. There are no words to describe how much I love this song. Usually, I do not like slower songs. Kobushi Factory is known for their powerful and faster-paced songs. However, this song captured my heart within the first few seconds.


The instrumental and singing style draw inspiration from Japanese folk music. The drawn out syllables and deep pitch struck every nerve in my body. This type of song is perfect for the girls with deeper voices such as Sakurako, Ayaka and Rei. These girls had the best intonation in this song.


My respect for Sakurako’s singing drastically increased.

 Handshake event

Kobushi Factory is really one of Hello Project’s best vocal groups. It has been a little over a year since their official debut and they have already proven themselves twice-fold. They have many talented singers in their group. They showed their strong performance skills from the very first time they hit the stage. They even won a newcomer award in their first  year. This group is surging up my favourites list right after Morning Musume and ANGERME.


Moving back to the music video, it took place outdoors in several places across Japan. Anyone who reads my reviews knows how much I love music videos set outdoors in nature and in the city. We get to see the true beauty of Japan and the lifestyle there through this music video.


In the music video, members have their own starting point. The place where each girl stood was different from the other. This was also the case for the close-up shots. Each girl began running much like what Juice=Juice did for “Kaze ni Fukarete”. We do not know where they are running to until near the end of the music video, which was a gorgeous sandy beach.


The beach scenes were my favourite. I especially loved the scenes where the girls all stood in a circle (I think it was a circle) while singing with the dim sky in the background. It was a very aesthetic shot. The music video ended with all the girls running towards the camera. It was such a sweet ending.


I have one complaint about this video. What is a Shannyjkpop review without a complaint? I took me approximately three watches of this music video to notice Rio. It was the second time when realised that I did not see Rio. The third time I watched it, I instinctively searched for her. She barely made an appearance in the video compared to the other members. She also had one word (not even a line) in this song. I know I said that this song suited the lower toned members a lot more.


Even so, Natsumi who also got one word was seen a lot more than Rio. She is not one of my favourite members, but I would have liked to see a lot more of her in the video, especially since she looks so beautiful in it.


This music video is my favourite from Kobushi Factory. The lyrics are inspiring and the outdoor setting is refreshing. It makes me super excited about the album! I have my money in hand and I am waiting for November 30th! Please make sure and support the girls if you can!


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