2NE1 Disbands; Nam Tae Hyun Leaves Winner – What is Life?

2NE1 Disbandment


Recently, YG Entertainment announced that 2NE1 has officially disbanded. While CL and Dara renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment, Park Bom has decided not to renew her contract.

minzy 2016

No one could tell me that they did not see this news coming. Minzy left 2NE1 earlier this year when she decided not to renew her contract with YG Entertainment. That was not even the first indicator of this impending breakup.

The group has not released anything since their album “Crush” in 2014. Yes, they did perform at last year’s MAMA. That was clearly a false sense of hope placed in the hearts of Blackjacks worldwide, including my heart. It was pretty much a goodbye stage.

Park Bom

Park Bom dropped off the face of the Earth after her drug scandal. Although it was a complete misunderstanding, her reputation has been completely tarnished. I can imagine that also had a negative effect on her psychological state as well. I am not surprised that she did not renew her contract with the company.


CL is currently working on her American debut (as she has been for many years). She has been touring North America for the past few months. She has been doing pretty well with her solo career. I did not imagine her going back to this group that was facing so many problems.


Not to mention, YG Entertainment finally debuted BLACKPINK this year. They are a 4-membered group with a similar style to 2NE1. Also, there is an amazing dancer like Minzy (Lisa), someone who raps and sings well like CL (Jennie), a master of CFs and variety shows like Dara (Jisoo), and someone who sings JUST LIKE BOM (Rosé). I do not want to compare groups. I understand that they are two different groups, but you cannot ignore the fact that their debut was a signal to 2NE1’s demise.

This was my favourite girl-group of all time. As much as I loved them, from the day Minzy departed from the group I accepted that this was the end of 2ne1. Many fans hoped for a 3-nin comeback this year, but I did not see this happening. This was mostly because of the factors that I listed above and I did not see any signs of the group preparing for a comeback.

2ne1.gif 2NE1

I am devastated that all my favourite groups are disappearing (2NE1, Rainbow & 4minute). However, I have to say that Hello Project has trained me very well. I am used to seeing my favourite groups and idols disappear from the industry. That is the nature of the field. Don’t get me wrong, I am super sad that 2NE1 would not be making the awesome music that they usually do. I am sad that I would not be seeing the sisterly relationships between these girls again. I saw this disbandment coming and I was emotionally prepared.


However, I really wish them all the best as they pursue their solo careers. The group may be over, but their music lives on in our hearts.

First Look 2NE1

Thank you, 2NE1!

Nam Taehyun leaves WINNER and YG Entertainment


In other news, YG Entertainment announced that Nam Taehyun, vocalist and maknae of WINNER, has left the group and company. I was NOT emotionally ready for this news.

Taehyun was on hiatus from the group earlier this year as he was dealing with mental illness issues. I completely understand and respect that, but I did not expect him to leave the group, much less YG Entertainment. I expected him to rest and return to the group next year, but clearly, things were a lot worse than I realised.


This one stung my heart. He was my bias of the group. It hurt when YG Entertainment did not hesitate to remove him from the official photos on the group’s SNS accounts. I was barely able to process the news before they removed all existence of him from the group.


I am very curious to know what the group will do for their future comeback. Tae Hyun was a prominent vocalist in the group. Kang Seungyoon is a great singer but has a lower register. Taehyun sang higher notes a lot better. Does that mean Jinwoo will take over Taehyun’s lines? I am not a huge fan of Jinwoo’s voice. However, I am trying my best to be open-minded. I am interested to see how the lines will be shared for their comeback.


I hope Taehyun takes this time to heal. I will miss him immensely, but his health comes before anything else. As his fan, I want the best for him, even if that means that he has to leave the group.


Despite my bias leaving the group, I will still continue to cheer on WINNER. Mino is my next favourite after Taehyun, so all hope is not lost. I will continue to cheer on both WINNER and Taehyun!

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