Morning Musume 13th Generations to be Revealed This Month

MM16 Audition

Finally, we have some kind of update on Morning Musume’s 13th Generation. This audition was initially announced earlier this year during Hello Project’s Winter Tour. In May after Kanon’s graduation concert, it was announced that no one was chosen from the audition.

The audition restarted in June this year and we had almost no updates since then. Thankfully, Hello Project announced that the results of the audition would be revealed during Morning Musume 16’s Nippon Budokan concert on December 12, 2016. The winners were selected from Hello Pro Kenshuusei. Not only am I elated that we can finally have some closure to this never-ending audition, but the new members will be girls we already know so well.


I expect at least three to four girls to be chosen from either Hello Pro Kenshuusei or Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido. Pardon my French, but I will lose my shit if Kaga Kaede is not part of this lineup. If it was not obvious by my numerous Hello Pro Kenshuusei related posts, I am a HUGE Kaede fan. I believe the staff has treated her unfairly. She has trained for a long period of time and has to potential to excel in a Hello Project group. Unfortunately, she has not been added to any new or old group. You all do not understand how much that hurts me. It must hurt her even more! If she is not selected for this 13th Generation, I would be so upset because I know that she will most likely leave the company after that. We cannot let good talent like hers go!


Other than Kaede, my other predictions for possible winners are Danbara Ruru, Inoue Hikaru and Kiyono Momohime. I would be shocked if Ruru and Momohime are not chosen to join the group. They are some of the most talented Kenshuusei. Hikaru is also talented vocally, but I see the company picking Ruru and Momohime over Hikari due to their popularity.

I am overly eager to hear the results of this audition. I would either be really jubilant or disappointed. December 12 seems so far away! I cannot contain my excitement and anticipation! Until then, I will probably be watching all the Kaede performances I can find.

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