[TOP 50] My Favourite C-POP Songs

I have created a list of my favourite Korean, Japanese and Hello Project songs. As I get deeper into the C-POP fandom, I thought it was only appropriate to create a list of my favourite C-POP songs.

I do not know as much C-POP songs as I do for K-POP and J-POP. It is still a pretty new thing for me. That is why I settled on having a list of 50 songs in comparison to 100 songs. This list contains a few Mandarin versions of K-POP songs. It also contains songs from popular C-POP artists across different sub-genres. I will probably release a TOP 100 list in the future, as I get more familiar with the artists and music of this genre. If you have any awesome C-POP artists or songs you would like me to check out, please let me know in the comment section below!

Check out the video and table below to see which songs made the cut!



50. Dr. Jolin – Jolin Tsai

49. Deep – Luhan

48. Fly Out – G.U.T.S

47. What’s Your Number (Chinese Version) – Zhou Mi

46. Black White – Z.TAO

45. Therefore – G.E.M

44. Overdose (Chinese Version) – EXO

43. Blindspot – G.E.M

42. Secret (Chinese Version) – WJSN Cosmic Girls

41. Medusa – Jolin Tsai

40. Adventure Time – Luhan

39. This is not the Love I’m looking for – Men Envy Children

38. Momomo (Chinese Version) – WJSN Cosmic Girls

37. Lucky One (Chinese Version) – EXO

36. Monster (Chinese Version) – EXO

35. What’s Wrong – Jay Chou (feat. Cindy Yen)

34. The Great Artist – Jolin Tsai

33. Goodbye – G.E.M

32. Love Me Right (Chinese Version) – EXO

31. Let Go – Show Luo

30. Underground King – Z.TAO

29. Rewind (Chinese Version) – Zhou Mi

28. Gotta Give Me – io

27. Break Down – Super Junior M

26. Perfection – Super Junior M

25. Swing – Super Junior M

24. One Breath – Jay Chou

23. My Sky – NZBZ

22. Call Me Baby (Chinese Version) – EXO

21. Football Gang – Luhan

20. Fantasy – Show Luo

19. Natural High – Della

18. Your Song – Luhan

17. Liar Liar (Chinese Version) – Oh My Girl

16. Away – G.E.M

15. I Love I Embrace – Jolin Tsai

14. Words We Speak – Coke Lee

13. Super Girl – Super Junior M

12. Despicable You (Bei Bi) – Tia Ray

11. That Good Good – Luhan

10. Hat Trick – Vision Wei (Wei Chen)

9. Agent J – Jolin Tsai

8. Miracles in December (Chinese Version) – EXO

7. Be Myself (Wo Shi Wo De) – Jane Zhang

6. Love Doesn’t Need to Pretend – R-Chord (feat. Diana Wang)

5. No Reason – By2

4. V.I.P – Cecilia Lam

3. I’m Not Yours – Jolin Tsai (feat. Namie Amuro)

2. Play – Jolin Tsai

1. Why Not Love – Rosie Yang (feat. Ryan Yu)


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