Girl Spirit: Hello Project! Version

Girl Spirit

Are you familiar with the Korean competition show, Girl Spirit? This show featured main and lead vocalists from lesser-known girl-groups, such as Spica, Fiestar, Bestie, Ladies Code and more. These girls competed against each other on stage, while being critiqued by a group of aspiring vocalists.


Spica’s Bohyung came out on top in the last episode.

It was an entertaining show that highlighted the vocal skills of all the contestants and shed light on these less famous groups.

Mizuki Live

While watching this show I thought to myself: “What if Hello Project idols were to compete on this show?” Who would be the contestants? Who would emerge as victorious?

I have made a short list of Hello Project idols that I thought might excel in this type of show. Just imagine them competing against one another in a survival competition.


Suzuki Airi


Airi is one of the best singers of Hello Project. Even non-fans may agree with this statement. From a very young age, Airi possessed the talent to stand out among the rest with her singing skills. Not only does she have an amazing voice and range but also she is able to evoke emotions with just a change of pitch or note.

Morning Musume ‘16

Oda Sakura


Years after her official debut, I am still shocked at Sakura’s vocal ability. She had an 180º change in voice and technique from the S/mileage 2nd Generation audition to her official debut in Morning Musume in 2012. Just like Airi, Sakura has a good range and brings emotions to all the songs she sings. She is well known for her powerful voice and efficient high notes.


Murota Mizuki


With the graduation of Tamura Meimi, I believe that Mizuki is the next best vocalist of ANGERME. Who can forget that impressive high note in “Taiki Bansei”? That was her debut single! She has already made a strong impact. She has one of the most stable voices in Hello Project. This makes her a good contender for a “Girl Spirit” show.


Takagi Sayuki


I always thought that Sayuki has one of those “rock voices”. She has a strong and powerful voice that is great for crescendos and high notes. Juice=Juice is full of amazing singers but I believe that Sayuki is the best of them all. Her voice is versatile and makes a bigger impact than the others. Also, if you listen to all of Juice=Juice songs from their debut until now, you can hear that she subtly changes her technique from time to time.

Country Girls

Funaki Musubu


At first, I was going to choose Tsugunaga Momoko for this role. However, the youngest member of the group, Musubu, has secured the role as best vocalist of Country Girls. With Momoko’s upcoming graduation, I wanted to focus on the remaining members of the group. Even though Musubu is young and still has a lot to learn, her skills are evident. She sings a lot better than the older members of the group. In my opinion, her technique is quite similar to Sakura’s. She has a powerful voice that resonates with you but knows how to effectively tone it down for slower and softer songs.

Kobushi Factory

Inoue Rei

This was a hard choice. Almost everyone in this group is a good vocalist. In the end, I opted for youngest member, Rei. She reminds me of Sugaya Risako in many ways. She is a great singer all around. She is better at singing lower toned and more upbeat songs, but I believe with a bit more fine-tuning and practice she would be able to master any song in any genre!

Tsubaki Factory

Kishimoto Yumeno


Although Tsubaki Factory will be officially debuting next year, many of their vocalists are pretty weak. They have improved since their formation last year, but they all still have a long way to go to master their vocal skills. Yumeno is the best singer of the group. She has shown a lot more skill with her singing in comparison to the others. She knows how to handle her tone, pitch and flow quite well. I can see her becoming of the Hello Project best vocalists with a bit more practice.

Hello Pro Kenshuusei

Danbara Ruru


Wow, this girl can belt out a note. She surely has her high notes down pact. She also has a good tone and presence on stage. I am not a professional vocalist, nor do I actively study music or do vocal training. However, I can tell that Ruru has a lot of skill and potential, especially for someone who has yet to debut in a group. I can see her becoming the “Ace” of any group that she joins. Yes, I am looking at you Morning Musume.

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