Hit the Stage: Hello! Project Version

I posted a hypothetical list of Hello Project members that can compete on Girl Spirit. This time, I thought about the girls who can possibly compete against each other in a show like Hit the Stage.


Hit the Stage is another Korean competition show where some of the best idols dancers compete with dance teams. They battle each other and are scored by the judges and audience. Every week, they have to create jaw-dropping choreography to different themes, such as love, insanity and much more. The winner gets a trophy and their picture in the Hall of Fame.

Which Hello Project member has great dance skills to compete in a survival show like this? Below I have listed the members who I think can pull off such a feat.


Nakajima Saki


The main vocalists of C-ute are Airi, Chisato and Maimi. On the other hand, Saki outshines the rest in dance skills. Even when all the members perform the same choreography, the way Saki moves and her facial expressions strike you the most. She is particularly versed in sexy dances. I do not know if she will be able to create her own amazing choreography, but I know she can pull off any dance quite well. It may not be as technical as the dances on the actual show, but she is definitely one of the best in Hello Project.

Morning Musume ‘16

Ishida Ayumi


Ayumi is one of the many choices I have for Morning Musume. She was trained in dance from a very young age. She has a higher expertise in the field than the other members. This is quite evident in her solo dance performances on stage and even in music videos. I believe that she is capable of producing and performing incredible choreography. I can see her easily becoming a top contender in a show like Hit the Stage.

Nonaka Miki


I will admit that some of my bias led to this choice. However, Miki has also trained in dance for many years. She has trained in many genres of dance and artistic gymnastics. I believe all these skills will be advantageous in a dance competition show. She also seems like a person who can be proficient in creating choreography if trained appropriately. I just wish that the company gave Nonaka a greater push, not only in singing but in dance as well.


Sasaki Rikako


I have said this countless of times, but Rikako’s dancing is impeccable! It is clear that even the company has seen her talent and potential by putting her in the centre during the dance break of the past few singles. Ever since Rikako joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei, and then ANGERME, she has shown high-quality dance skills. She is good at hip-hop dance, modern dance and popping. I am not sure if she has been trained in these fields pre-debut. If she hasn’t then she has remarkable talent. She will excel in Hit the Stage.

Country Girls

Morito Chisaki


The only reason I have included Chisaki in this list is because of her past dance training. However, she has not shown the extent of her skills yet. The company has provided her with little to no chance to show off these skills. She is part of the Hello Project Station Dance Club but she has yet to stand out in terms of skills in this club. I am assuming that her past training will put her on the map and make it possible to participate in a dance competition among Hello Project members.

Tsubaki Factory

Asakura Kiki


I have always admired Kiki for her dancing skills. There is still some room for improvement, but I considered her one of the best dancers of Hello Pro Kenshuusei at the time. Even in Tsubaki Factory’s choreography, you can see her movements are a bit sharper and better than the rest of the members. I am surprised that she is not a part of the Hello Project Station Dance Club.

Hello Pro Kenshuusei

Danbara Ruru


Ruru trained in the same performance school as Sayashi Riho. Therefore, I know she has the talent and skills to compete in a show like Hit the Stage. She has presented this talent during many live performances. Does she have the talent to create and perform technical choreography? I do not know, but I know that she will be one of the top competitors of the show. Her popularity with the fans can also be advantageous.

Takase Kurumi


Kurumi reminds me of Kiki in many ways. In my opinion, they look similar and they both have exceptional dance talent. She also has previous experience in an idol group. Combining that with her Hello Pro Kenshuusei experience, she has a lot of stage experience. Not only can she put on performances, but can also appeal to the audience.

Kiyono Momohime


This girl just joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei and she is already making waves. She shines on stage, which is a valuable aspect when performing in competition shows. Not to mention, she is also very adorable. Prior to joining Hello Pro Kenshuusei, Momohime trained under an Avex subsidiary dance school. Avex is well known for groups and artists that excel in dance including AAA, Amuro Namie, Koda Kumi, Prizmmy, and E-Girls. I believe that she has the skills to outshine the others, even at her young age!

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