Morning Musume 13th Generation Announced

After teasing us for so long, leader Fukumura Mizuki announced the winners of the 13th Generation audition during their concert at Nippon Budokan last Monday.announcement

The winners were selected from the Hello Pro Kenshuusei and were revealed to be none other than Kaga Kaede and Yokoyama Reina!


My prayers have been answered! My baby, Kaede, has finally debuted after four gruelling years of training. You can see the happiness and relief on her face as she introduced herself to the audience. She was overwhelmed with emotions as the crowds roared. It was a scene that made me tear up. I know how hard she

Even during her interview, she said that she was tempted to give up many times but kept pushing. I was beginning to lose hope as well! I am glad that she decided not to give up on her dream! Now she is a part of my favourite Hello Project group.


Yokoyama Reina came as a surprise to me. When I initially saw posts about the winners, I only saw posts about Reina. I immediately became enraged because I thought Kaede wasn’t chosen and I knew nothing about Reina. I realised after a while that Kaede was indeed chosen as well, so I calmed down a bit. I still didn’t know who Reina was. I had to check my files to realise that she was one of the newer Kenshuusei who joined in September. She debuted less than three months later! That has to be one of the quickest debuts in Hello Project! I am very curious to know what basis she was chosen. I am eager to see what skills she has to offer. She seems very cute and well spoken from what I have seen during the announcement and after-concert interview.


I must say that I am a bit disappointed that Danbara Ruru, Ichioka Reina, Inoue Hikaru or Kiyono Momohime was not chosen. I was so confident that Ruru was going to be chosen, but I was proven wrong. I hope this does not push them away. My hopes are that a new group will be announced in the New Year during Hello Project’s winter tour. This group would include some (or more) of these Kenshuusei mentioned above and be sort of C-ute’s replacement. My fingers are crossed!


Kaede and Reina will start activities next year with Morning Musume ’17. Many fans are excited about their official start. They are already talking about line distribution and official colours. Personally, I think Kaede will inherit Riho’s red while Reina takes Kanon’s green. I look forward to seeing both girls perform on the stage with the other members! Congrats to both girls!

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