“Running Man” to End

My favourite variety show is coming to an end. After years of entertaining shows, Running Man will end in February 2017.

Recently, the show has been surrounded by a lot of controversies. I believe the beginning of the end was with the change of producers. The original producer, Cho PD, left the show to focus on the Chinese version of the show. The episodes got tedious to watch. The games were not fun. They lacked their usual innovation. Also, the interactions between guests and cast members were awkward. There was not much opportunity for members to interact with guests on a personal level.


Gary then departed from the show a few months ago. I haven’t watched any episodes after his departure. My heart was not ready for that change.


The real nail in the coffin was the controversy leading to Song Ji Hyo’s and Jung Kook’s departures. Earlier this month, there were news reports stating that Ji Hyo and Jung Kook were kicked off the show. What made it even worse was that they were unaware of this until these articles were released. There was an uproar among fans about this and SBS released a half-assed apology.


It was also rumoured that Kang Ho Dong was to be added as a regular cast member to the show. This was the worst idea that management could have. Personally, I believe that he would add little to no value to the show. I also think that having two MCs (Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong) on the show completely unnecessary. I am also not a fan of Ho Dong or his shows. Thankfully, Ho Dong was smart to decline the offer before the Running Man ship sunk for good.

After an emergency meeting, staff and members decided it was best to end the series after six years. It is sad because it was such a great show. Not only were the games innovative and fun but also the dynamic interactions and relationships among the members and between the members and guests made this an even more enjoyable show.


The management made a series of bad decisions this year that led to their demise. This is so much controversy surrounding this show. It made no sense to continue. They lost many of their fans. I will miss all the funny moments and games from this show, but it was the best decision to end the series. It was good while it lasted. Thank you to the producers, cast members and guests who came together to make this a truly wonderful show!

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