Running Man Members Ranking


In light of the ending of the Running Man series, I have ranked the Running Man cast from my least favourite member to my most favourite member. This was a list that I was intending to share a while ago. Since the show will be coming to an end next year, I thought that now would be a suitable time to share my ranking.

This ranking does not include Lizzy or Song Joong Ki because I never really liked them as cast members (sorry, but I’m not sorry).

7. Ji Suk Jin

Ji Suk Jin

Let’s be real here. If you watch Running Man it is a known fact that he is the weakest member of the cast. He is called “game starter” for a reason. Not only is he usually one of the first and easiest persons to be eliminated in the nametag ripping matches, but he also scores low in many of their games. I also find him to be devious. While it is fun to see him as part of the Easy Brothers, sometimes I think he takes it too far. This makes me dislike him a bit.

6. Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook

He is good at everything! He sings well (though his voice and appearance are quite contradictory), he is strong and completes most of the games with ease. His biggest weakness is beautiful female guests that star on the show. The other cast members often used this weakness to their advantage. Whereas Ji Suk Jin is at the bottom of my list for his lack of skills, Jong Kook is second to last because of his abundance of skills. It gives him too much of an advantage over the other members. I also find him to be too aggressive at times but I know that is part of his persona on the show.

5. Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo

Although she is the only female cast member, Ji Hyo is still pretty low down on my list. I used to love her when I started watching the show. She did not care about her looks and worked just as hard as the rest of the guys. I believe that she is a role model for young girls to follow. Hard work pays off. Life is not only about appearance and charms. The reason why she’s so low down on this list is because I have been losing interest in her. My interest in the other cast members increased. She is also part of the Monday Couple that I ship so hard!

4. Kang Gary


Here is the other half of the Monday Couple that I love so much! Initially, I found Gary to be dull and reserved, especially compared to the other cast members. I grew to love his character and perseverance in the activities. He seemed to open up more as the years went by. I was sad when he decided to leave, but with the show coming to an end, it was the best decision. Some of my favourite episodes with Gary are when he teamed up with Haha. This was my favourite pairing after the Monday Couple!


3. Haha


I love Haha for many reasons. He is one funny guy. His antics and personality are hilarious and spontaneous. He brings a lot of energy to the group. Although he is one of the weaker cast members, his perseverance was admirable. Though, he sometimes resorted to betrayal and trickery. I also admire Haha for his commitment to his family. During the series, he got married to singer, Byul, and had a son. If you compare the older episodes before he got married to the newer episodes, especially the ones where Byul starred as a guest, you can sense a change in him. He has become a real family man. I also like the fact that he is very open-minded to other cultures. He loves Jamaican culture, food and music. He has even released Reggae music with Korean-Reggae artist, Skull, and has collaborated with several Jamaican artists. Jamaica is part of the Caribbean culture that I grew up in, so that makes me even happier!


2. Yoo Jae Suk

Jae Suk

He is one of the most favoured cast members. Not only is he a renowned MC, but he is also just an all-around good person. He has charm and a smile that invites you in and makes anyone feel welcomed. He always takes the time to appreciate the crew and guests on the show. On the other hand, he also has his mischievous side that shows up now and again on the show. I have never heard someone say that they hated Jae Suk and if you do, I am seriously judging you right now. This show would be nothing without MC Yoo Jae Suk. While all the members contribute to the show in their own special way, Yoo Jae Suk brings warmth, vigour and entertainment to the show. He would be my favourite member if I did not love Lee Kwang Soo so much.

1. Lee Kwang Soo

Kwang Soo

Though he is known as the ultimate betrayer of the show, I cannot help but to love Kwang Soo’s crazy antics. His mannerisms, movements and constant unfortunate luck make the show even more enjoyable. I pity him sometimes when all the older cast members bully him. It must be a hard life as the maknae of the cast. In reality, Kwang Soo is a sweet and kind-hearted guy. He has shown this side of him several times throughout the show. It is my favourite part of him. He has such a dynamic character that is hard to not love.


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