Sato Masaki on Hiatus

Late last year, Morning Musume 17’s Sato Masaki was diagnosed with acute lower back pain. This pain stems from the lumbar herniated disc injury Masaki suffered from in 2015.

At the beginning of the month, Up-Front announced that Masaki would go on a temporary hiatus until late February. During this time she will rest, receive training for her condition and do additional tests. The company will provide an update on her condition in February.

It is really sad to see Masaki down and out like this. However, I started noticing the signs of her pain. She did not seem as upbeat as she usually is. Many fans are starting to notice evidence of her pain in past videos as well. Yet, Masaki tried her best to keep performing. I really respect her commitment.

Masaki is now blogging almost every day. Although she blogs about the most random stuff at times, she is doing her best to stay connected to the fans.

Many people see this as an ultimatum. They suspect that this will lead to her graduation. They compare it to Aika’s and Manaka’s departures. Personally, I do not think this will cause Masaki to graduate. Well, I hope this does not cause her to graduate. I have faith. Masaki is s strong girl and she is determined to get better. Just her daily blogging makes me hopeful that she will return to the group once more.

I cannot imagine the current Morning Musume without Masaki. It is already strange not seeing her on stage with the other members. She is a major vocalist of the group and it would be a huge turning point if Masaki graduates at this time. Masaki

Masaki, I hope you rest well so we can see you on stage once more! Get well soon!

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