Ito Chiaki to graduate from AAA


In January, Chiaki announced that she would be graduating from AAA in March 2017. Last year, she got married to a non-celebrity and she is currently three months pregnant. She will graduate in order to prepare for her incoming little one and to spend time with her new family. Her last single with the group will be their 53rd single, “Magic”, which will be released in February. Their 10th album, “Way of Glory” will also be released next month.


This news broke me. It was totally unexpected. AAA is my favourite Japanese group outside of Hello Project. I love their music and charisma on stage. Not only can they dance and sing but also they put on memorable and mind-blowing live performances. They have truly fulfilled their purpose of being a “super performance” group. I had hoped to see all seven members on stage someday. I wanted to see these amazing performances with my own eyes. Now, I realise that dream will never come true.

When I first heard the news there were feelings of hurt, disappointment and shock. Chiaki is one of my favourite members. It will be strange just hearing one female voice in their songs. I know that Misako used to be the only female member that got solo lines in their earlier days. However, my favourite songs are the ones where Chiaki is heard a lot more. I love her soft voice.

I do not want to be pessimistic but I feel like this group is nearing its end and I am not ready for that. They have been active since 2005. They have already passed their ten-year mark. Seeing older groups like SMAP and Ikimonogakari disbanding, I am starting to worry about AAA.


I am happy for Chiaki though. She is starting a new chapter in her life. She has settled down, gotten married and now she is having her first child. She also promised that this was not the last time you would see her. She will eventually return to the entertainment world, so I look forward to that. Until then, all the best to you and your family, Chiaki!

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