Dream: Member Ranking

I speak about Hello Project and AAA a lot. However, my JPOP favourites are not limited to them. I am also a big fan of LDH groups, including Dream, Happiness, Flower and the E-Girls unit.


I have not posted much about any of these groups. As an effort to change that, I decided to rank my favourite members of each group. I will start off with the senior group, Dream.

3) Aya


Aya is the leader of E-Girls. It is not that I do not like Aya, she just interests me the least in the group. Despite being a main vocalist in the group, she does not have as much impact on me as the other members. On the other hand, she is not the main vocalist in most of my favourite E-Girls songs, which pushes her down even lower on my list.


2) Shizuka


With Erie’s departure, Shizuka became my 2nd favourite member of the group. The thing I love about her the most is her beauty. I cannot take my eyes off of her while watching their music videos. She is so pretty! I also really love her distinctive voice. The music video for “Rydeen ~Dance All Night~” is where my interest in Shizuka escalated. That song just happens to be one of my favourite E-Girls songs as well!


1) Ami


She is the current leader of Dream. She may be older than me, but I do not care what anyone thinks; she is adorable! Her bright smile and higher-pitched voice are hard to resist! When I first started getting into the group (and E-Girls), Ami was one of the first members to grab my attention. Her blonde hair and voice make her stand out from the rest. I really like her solo songs as well.


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