[Results] 2016 Hello! Project Awards

Thank you for your patience! The results of the Hello! Project Awards have been finally released! Did your favourites win? Head on over to the awards page to see if your favourite Hello! Project idols won their respective categories. There is a video at the top of the awards page showing you all the winners of each category. You can also click on the category links, which will lead you to the post where the winner will be featured.


Check out our Facebook page and Tumblr blog to see the winners and runner-ups for each category!


Thank you again for participating in the 2016 Hello! Project Awards! If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me below!


Despite advertising the 2016 Hello! Project Awards on several different platforms, we received a very low number of voters. The voter turnout for 2016 was less than half of the voter turnout for 2015. The results may seem a bit skewed because of this. Honestly, it is disappointing. Many other blogs and Hello! Project fan pages held their own end-of-year polls and received many more votes.

Therefore, I have decided that this year, 2017, I will NOT be holding a Hello Project Awards. I will take the time to reflect on where I went wrong with the promotion and operation of last year’s awards. I will also be reflecting on my writing and blogging style on a whole. Later this year, I will decide if I want to continue the Hello! Project Awards series or put a stop to it completely. I will also be considering the status of this blog.

Once again, thank you for participating in the 2016 Hello! Project Awards. I will update you all on my decision later this year!

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