Flower: Member Ranking

Recently, I shared my member ranking of LDH girl group, Dream. This time, I have ranked the members of their sister group, Flower.


The list is shown below and is ordered from least favourite to most favourite:

6) Nakajima Mio


I really admire Mio for her exquisite beauty. Other than that, she has not really captured my attention since my interest in the group began a couple of years ago.

5) Bando Nozomi


Nozomi is another member that has charmed me with her beauty. She also has a very refreshing personality that makes me smile. It is amazing how she sheds that persona and becomes a totally different person when she performs. I admire her versatility. I also really love her name!

4) Shigetome Manami


She was one of the first members that I noticed when I initially started liking Flower. I actually thought she was much older than me. I was so shocked to learn that we are around the same age! She’s one of the dancers that catch my eye in music videos and stage performances, not only in Flower but in E-Girls as well.

3) Fujii Shuuka


Shuuka was much lower down on my list until recently. There is no doubt that she’s beautiful and is a talented dancer. However, I really began to gain interest in her when she promoted in the subunit, “ShuuKaRen” with her sister, Karen (Happiness). Now I respect her as a performer and a vocalist. It would be interesting to hear her sing some Flower songs alongside Reina.

2) Sato Harumi


I really love this girl. My eyes stay fixated on her in every video she is in. It does not matter if it is Flower or the much larger E-girls group. You can be assured that I will be searching for Harumi among the crowd. Her dance skill enchants me. It is almost a contradiction. She has such sharp and large movements but still has great flow and elegance. What makes her stand out from others is her facial expressions while she performs. She knows how to convey the meaning and mood of each song with movements and expressions. It brings a lot more meaning to the performance. She does not have to be a vocalist to really stand out from the others. Not to mention she is really beautiful!

1) Washio Reina


With the departures of Muto Chiharu and Ichiki Kyoka, Reina is now the group’s sole vocalist. So she gets a lot of screen time during recordings of live stage performances and music videos. Reina was one of the first persons in E-Girls that I noticed. As I got more into E-Girls and Flower, I started seeing her more and more, and eventually, she shot up to the top of my favourites list. She is a flexible singer. I am impressed how her voice and skills suit many genres. Flower is known for their slower and calmer songs. However, late last year they took a dramatic image change with their song “Monochrome” and featured a more intense rock image. I was impressed with Reina’s ability to change her voice to fit the concept without sounding too strained. I also appreciate Reina for her dancing abilities. She may not be as skilled as her fellow group members, but she actively tries her best. Her commitment is admirable.


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