Man Crush Mondays: Mad Clown


I have a love-hate relationship with Mad Clown. There are times when he annoys me. He really got under my skin during “No Mercy”, the survival competition show for Monsta X. He also annoyed me when he was a producer for “Show Me the Money 5”. However, I always loved his music. He is one of my favourite rappers in the industry. He stands out from the rest with his unique voice and lyrical flow. My respect for him doubled when I heard that he settled down and got married. He is now awaiting his first offspring. You can see that he really loves his family.

Mad Clown

Also, how can you resist those awesome circular glasses?

Some of my favourite songs from Mad Clown are “Coffee Copy Girl”, “Fire”, “H.ear Your Colors” and “Sour Grapes”.

Coffee Copy Girl


H.ear Your Colors

Sour Grapes




    • He’s been on a lot of survival competition shows like Show Me the Money (as a contestant and producer), No Mercy, and High School Rapper. He’s also been on Weekly Idol. He’s a bit awkward on variety shows but it makes him so much more likeable 😀

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