Kudo Haruka to Graduate from Morning Musume ‘17

I was hoping and praying that there would be no graduations from Morning Musume this year. Looks like I did not pray hard enough.

Tenth generation member, Kudo Haruka, has announced her graduation from Morning Musume. Her announcement can be found on the official Hello Project website. An English translation can be found on Up-Front Link’s Facebook page.

In her explanation, Haruka noted that she will be turning 18 years old this year. Therefore, she has made the decision to graduate from the group and pursue her dream of being an actress. No details about her graduation date have been finalised. Up-Front Promotion will provide an update in the future.

I must say, I am very surprised and distraught about this announcement. As I said earlier, I hoped that there would not be a graduation from the group this year. I also expected the next members to graduate to be Iikubo Haruna, Ikuta Erina or Sato Masaki. I was not expecting a graduation announcement from Haruka in any way. She has not only been getting more vocal parts in their songs but has also been provided with a mentorship role for the 13th generation.

Do not get me wrong. Haruka is an excellent actress. I am very happy to see her devote herself to something she loves. While I am sad that she will be graduating, I will support and respect that decision and her journey to become a better actress.

I do not want to be pessimistic but I expect another graduation announcement from the group. This is the first graduation from the 10th generation. The members of the Colourful Era are dwindling one by one. As more prominent members leave, I expect others to follow. I will not state my prediction of who will be the next to depart but I expect another announcement soon. It may not be this year but I would not be surprised if another member announces their graduation after Haruka’s departure.

Nevertheless, I wish all the best to Haruka. I know that acting is a field she will excel in. I am very curious to see how Morning Musume will change with her departure. I am also curious to see if another audition will be held. We will see in due time. Until then, continue to shine, Haruka. All your fans will continue to support you, even after you graduate!

PS: What will happen to my favourite OTP, MaaDuu??


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