2017 Hello! Project Song Ranking (Part I)

I know I seem to say this every year but this year is going by so quickly! I cannot believe that April is almost finished! Hello Project acts have already released several new singles this year with some groups (ANGERME and Kobushi Factory) scheduled to make their first comeback for the year in June.

Below, I have ranked my favourite songs released by Hello Project groups this year. This list only includes songs from the main groups of Hello Project (i.e. excludes subunits and Hello Pro Kenshuusei). The list includes songs from main singles and excludes B-sides.

  1. Feel! Kanjiru yo – Juice=Juice
  1. To Tomorrow – C-ute
  1. Final Squall – C-ute
  1. Jidanda Dance – Juice=Juice
  1. Good Boy Bad Girl – Country Girls
  1. The Curtain Rises – C-ute
  1. Uruwashi wo Camellia – Tsubaki Factory
  1. Peanut Butter Jelly Love – Country Girls
  1. Just Try! – Tsubaki Factory
  1. Jealousy Jealousy – Morning Musume ‘17
  1. Hatsukoi Sunrise – Tsubaki Factory
  1. Brand New Morning – Morning Musume ‘17
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