Happiness: Member Ranking

I shared my ranking for the members of girl-groups Dream and Flower. This time, I have ranked the members of their sister group, Happiness.

The list shown below is ordered from least favourite to most favourite.


I respect her as the leader of Happiness but she has not interested me as much as the other members. She is a very refreshing person and is talented when it comes to dancing.

6. Kawamoto Ruri

Along with Ami and Reina, Ruri has one the most distinctive voices in E-Girls. I am still getting to know more about her, which is why she is in the latter half of my list.


She was one of the first members to catch my attention. She is so pretty and is one the best performers in the group. She dropped down in my ranking as I gained interest in other members.

4. Fujii Karen

I tend to be drawn to the vocalists of E-Girls, so Karen is high up on this list because of her spectacular voice. My interest in her peaked between the group’s “Ordinary Girls” and “Rewind” eras. I also loved her in ShuuKaren, a subunit with her sister, Shuuka (Flower). She is truly from a talented family. Her brother, Ryusei, is a member of Johnnys’ West.

3. Suda Anna

I loved her purple hair! Sadly, she toned down the colour but my interest in her is still there. She is quite articulate and despite being mostly a performer in this group, she can actually sing. I observed both of these traits during her interview and performance with the subunit, SudannaYuzuYully.

2. Yurino

She is so adorable. She is short but then does complete 180º when she is performing. She is one of the best dancers in the group. Her movements are sharp and big. Even though she is small she makes a big impact.

1. Sayaka

I love this girl! She is probably my most favourite member in E-Girls. She is full of spunk and has the most dazzling smile. I am sure I have a girl crush on her. My eyes are usually fixated on her in live performances and music videos. She is one of the best dancers (if not the best) in Happiness and E-Girls. Even though she is not a vocalist, she seems to be pretty popular among fans.

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