Dream Debut: Hello Pro Kenshuusei (May 2017)

Some big announcements were made at this year’s Hello Pro Kenshuusei test. Three Kenshuusei will be debuting in Hello Project soon. These Kenshuusei are Ichioka Reina, Danbara Ruru, and Kawamura Ayano. It has not been revealed whether they will be joining an existing unit or will be part of a new unit. 

I am so happy that my favourite Kenshuusei will be debuting in Hello Project. This gives me hope that my other favourites will debut soon. Below, I have listed the Kenshuusei that I hope to debut soon. This excludes the Kenshuusei listed above that are set for debut and Kiyono Momohime and Takase Kurumi who have been transferred to a new acting Kenshuusei unit in Engeki Joshibu. This list also includes members of the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido unit.

Inoue Hikaru

Horie Kizuki

Maeda Kokoro

Noguchi Kurumi

Ono Kotomi

Yonemura Kirara

Nishida Shiroi

Sato Hikari

Kitagawa Ryo

Yamazaki Mei

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