ºC-ute: Suzuki Airi

ºC-ute is set to disband on June 12, 2017. All five girls will graduate from Hello! Project and go their separate ways. While June approaches, we look back on ºC-ute past.

Last time, Nakajima Saki was in the spotlight. This time, we will be featuring the famous, Suzuki Airi.

Name: Suzuki Airi
Birth Date: April 12, 1994
Age: 23
Birth Place: Gifu, Japan (Grew up in Chiba, Japan)
Group: ºC-ute
Position: Main Vocalist

Prior to joining Hello! Project, Suzuki Airi was a student at Up-Front’s Music School. She successfully passed the Hello Pro Kids Audition in 2002 with BoA’s song “Kimochi wa Tsutawara”. Airi was selected to be part of ºC-ute in 2005. The group made their official debut with “Sakura Chirari” in 2007.


  • 4KIDS
  • Buono!
  • Aa!
  • Ujicha Taishi Maccha’s
  • Dia Lady
  • AAAa
  • Real Love

Buono! was the group that introduced me to the world of Hello! Project. I watched Shugo Chara. Buono! performed a few of the songs for the anime. I always look the up the artists for the openings and endings of anime that I watch. My interest peaked when I heard “Rottara Rottara”. I just had to know the people behind the spectacular song. I learnt more about Buono! and more specifically, Suzuki Airi. Her singing skills and the fact that we were the same age intrigued me. As I did more research I realised that Buono was only a subunit and Airi was part of a much bigger group called ºC-ute. Thus, my Hello! Project obsessions began.

As I said in Maimi’s featured post, I cannot recall which was the first music video I from the group. However, every music video I saw, Airi always had a starring role. She instantly caught my eye. Her voice and breath-taking smile were hard to miss. As I watched more behind the scenes and extra footage, I also found myself falling for Airi’s personality.

As the years went by, Airi maintained her spot in 2nd place in my rankings. She continued to shine as the main vocalist for ºC-ute and even her subunits. I looked forward to seeing her perform in Buono! the most. It was the group that introduced me to Hello! Project and you cannot deny that their songs (and performances) were some of the best in Hello! Project.

I was so depressed when Buono! went on hiatus after the release of “Hatsukoi Cider/ Deep Mind”. I was even more depressed when they stopped releasing dance versions of their music videos. That depression increased when Berryz announced their indefinite hiatus. I thought that it was the end of Buono! I can never forget that performance when Airi could not help but to tear up on stage and Momoko had to give her a playful hit on the shoulder.

Buono! held a Nippon Budokan performance last year. My depression subsided and elation rained in. Did that mean Buono! was back in the game? Were we getting new content from Buono? Things were looking up for the group once again. Then, ºC-ute announced their disbandment. My heart was shattered once again. Now, I believe that this is the true end of Buono!

Many (perhaps all) members of Hello! Project look up to Airi. I do not blame them. She is talented, attractive, dorky (in a good way) and has a presence on stage that pulls in the audience. She also gets along well with many other Hello! Project members. If I could have chosen a best friend within Hello! Project, Suzuki Airi would have been one of them.

I will be honest. There was a period in time where my interest in Airi diminished. This was during ºC-ute’s “Shock” era. I was one of the many people that were upset about the fact that Airi sang 95% of the song. None of the other members received any solo lines. It seemed almost like an Airi solo while the rest of the group was her backup dancers. I know this was not Airi’s fault. I personally blame the management. She even looked sad in the music video. However, this did not stop me from being upset and letting my interest waver. However, my tantrum ended with the next single where the line distribution was much fairer and my favourite member, Okai Chisato, was promoted to the main vocalist.

Much of the wota world and I will miss Airi. She was and still is one of the Hello Project’s acts. It is interesting to see who will succeed her spot. She is a shining star that fans will never forget. Airi plans to become a “multi-talent”, which is the perfect job for her since she is skilled in many areas.

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