ºC-ute: Okai Chisato

ºC-ute is set to disband today. All five girls will graduate from Hello! Project and go their separate ways. Now, we look back on ºC-ute’s past.

Last time, Suzuki Airi was in the spotlight. This time, we will be featuring Okai Chisato.










Name: Okai Chisato

Birth Date: June 21, 1994

Age: 22

Birth Place: Saitama, Japan

Group: ºC-ute

Position: Lead Vocalist



In 2002, Chisato passed the Hello! Project Kids Auditions after performing “Country Roads”. She officially debuted with ºC-ute in 2007 with the song “Sakura Chirari”. 



  • Athena & Robikerottsu
  • Tanpopo
  • Mellowquad
  • Triplet
  • Okaileage

Okai Chisato has always been my favourite member of the group. From a young age, she was very charismatic. Despite being a minor vocalist of the group, Chisato always stood out due to her husky voice and extroverted personality. Her personality is what initially attracted me to her.


Soon, I came to realise that she was also a great singer. Unfortunately, during the group’s 8-nin and 7-nin days, Chisato did not get much opportunity to display her vocal talent. She did not receive many solo lines and did not get much screen time in music videos.

It seems that management eventually recognised these skills as Chisato was promoted to one of the main vocalist roles during the “Campus Life” era. She received just as many lines and screen time as Suzuki Airi. This was the happiest time for me as a ºC-ute fan.

Chisato continued to shine as the main vocalist. Her huskier voice complemented Airi’s milky tone. I get goosebumps every time I listen to songs where they harmonised like “Kanashiki Heaven”.

Chisato often took the extra step to entertain her fans. Who can remember those dance covers she published on Youtube? Let’s not forget the “Team Okai” dance unit that she led with other Hello Project members and Kenshuusei. She promoted members of other Hello Project groups and units.



I also admire Chisato for her beauty. I may be biased in saying this, but she was one of the prettiest members of ºC-ute. She deserved more solo photobooks.

I will miss Chisato’s alluring personality and husky voice. I will miss her interactions with the other members of the group and Hello Project. She was always at the top of my bias list in the group and in Hello Project overall. She has officially announced that she will continue to stay in the entertainment industry as a variety star, which is perfect for her. I look forward to seeing her on variety shows in the future.


Thank you, and good luck, Chisato!


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