Dream Disbands; E-Girls Line Up Changes

Up Front is not only the only organisation that I am pissed off at.

LDH, the company that houses groups such as EXILE, Happiness, Flower, Dream and E-Girls, also had a few big announcements recently.

Firstly, the company announced that Dream has disbanded. Aya will now work behind the scenes of LDH as part of management. Shizuka will be focusing on her role as a member of DANCE EARTH PARTY. Ami will continue to be a soloist with the company.

Honestly, I expected this announcement. The group has not really been active outside of E-Girls. They have not released a single for almost two years. Just before the announcement, I asked myself whether Dream would release another single soon. Seems like this will not be the case. I cannot even be upset with this announcement since I expected it to happen. It is sad that the group is disbanding but I respect their choice and look forward to seeing each member in their new roles.

The announcement that really set me off was the one relating to the line-up of E-girls. With the disbandment of Dream, I expected Aya, Shizuka and Ami to leave the unit. However, I did not expect five other girls to go with them.

LDH announced that E-Girls, along with DANCE EARTH PARTY, Ami (Dream), Happiness, Flower, ShuuKaRen and SudannaYuzuSully, would be part of a new franchise called “E.G. Family”. With this move, Ruri and MIYUU from Happiness and Shuuka, Manami and Mio from Flower will be leaving the group.

Well, boy, my blood pressure rose with this announcement. The departing members were some of my favourites in the E-Girls line up. This includes Ami, Shuuka, Manami and MIYUU. The group also lost a prominent vocalist, Ruri, as well. It makes me sad because I loved them in E-Girls. I loved the size and dynamic of the group. The many members and different dancing styles made great music videos. It would also be strange not hearing Ruri’s distinctive voice in E-Girls songs.

I am saddened by this announcement. However, we must remember that there are still eleven talented girls in the group. I look forward to seeing how these changes turn out. E-Girls will perform as a 19-member group for the last time on July 16, 2017. The new line-up will release a single entitled “Love Queen” on July 26, 2017.

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