My Produce 101 Season 2 Final Line-Up Wish List


The last episode of Season 2 of Produce 101 is scheduled to air this Friday (June 16, 2017). Eleven winners will be chosen by the Nation’s Producers and the male “I.O.I” will be formed. Many fans look forward to this episode to see if their favourites made the cut.

Unfortunately, a few of my favourites have already been cut from the show. Some of these include Yuehua Entertainment’s Justin, YGKPlus’, Hyun Bin and Ono Entertainment’s Jang Moon Bok. Thankfully, I still have a few favourites that made it to the finals.

Here are the eleven trainees that I hope will make the final line-up:

11. Park Ji Hoon (Maroo Entertainment)

Ji Hoon is not a big favourite of mine, but he is popular among fans because of his aegyo and high-performance skills. His popularity will put the group on the map and keep fans interested.

10. Choi Min Ki (Pledis Entertainment)

He used to be my favourite member of Nu’est but as he ditched his feminine image and joined Produce 101, my interest in him wavered. This show made me realise how much he lacked in vocal skills. I still really like him though, and I want the Nu’est members to stay together.

9. Lai Kwan Lin (Cube Entertainment)

I am so happy! He made it to the finals! After watching Episode 10, I was worried that he would have been eliminated. I am happy that the Nation’s Producers pulled through as he retained the final spot right above the elimination threshold. He is a quick learner and is really talented for someone who has only trained for six months. He has great potential and can do well in a group.

8. Lee Dae Hwi (Brand New Music)

For some reason, he reminds me of 2AM’s, Jo Kwon. Putting that random opinion aside, Dae Hwi did not shine as much as I expected him to during this series. However, I realised that he faced many issues throughout the past few months and in turn, that hampered his confidence. He is a talented trainee that has skills in many fields. These skills can be helpful in the final group.

7. Hwang Min Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)

As I said, I want the Nu’est members to stay together. As much as Min Hyun is not one of my favourite contestants, I cannot deny the fact that he is talented.

6. Kim Jong Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)

He is one of the Nu’est members who captured my interest in the show. I never acknowledged his rapping skills while he was a member of Nu’est. He showed off these skills to the world in this show and now I have a newfound respect for him. I also admire his leadership skills.

5. Kang Dong Ho (Pledis Entertainment)

Dong Ho has ruined my Nu’est bias list. He has taken Min Ki’s spot for my favourite member. He looks intimidating due to his size and deep voice. He actually reminds me of Kim Jong Kook from Turbo and Running Man, except he has a much deeper singing voice. In reality, he is a sweet guy who is more than willing to help others in their time of need. He was a big brother to many of the fellow trainees. This is what made me fall for him along with his powerful voice and good looks.

4. Yoon Ji Sung (MMO Entertainment)

This guy brought so much comic relief to the show. He did not have to say anything as his facial expressions and reactions alone had me rolling in laughter. He is also a funny and caring guy. I can see him being quite successful on variety shows. I personally ship Ji Sung and Ong Seung Woo. They are two mad hatters. Not to mention, Ji Sung is a very good singer.

3. Ong Seung Woo (Fantagio Entertainment)

Just like Ji Sung, Seung Woo is a ball of energy. I would love for both of them to be in a group. They will kill it on all the variety shows! Seung Woo may lack vocal skill but he makes up for it in appearance, dance and variety skill. Do we have a future visual in the making?

2. Kang Daniel (MMO Entertainment)

At first, I did not really care about Daniel but by pure magic, he shot up to second place on my list. Well, maybe it was not entirely magic. It may have been his dance and live performance skills that got me. Or maybe, it was his deep and soothing voice. It could have also been his warm personality, pink hair and dashing smile. He is also a favourite among fans. I would be very surprised if he does not make the final cut. However, anything is possible based on previous ranking results.

1. Arredondo Samuel (Brave Entertainment)

I have been following Samuel since his pre-debut, Seventeen days. I was so heartbroken when he left Pledis Entertainment. Then, he debuted in 1PUNCH and I saw the light again. Unfortunately, the group disbanded upon One’s departure. I was sad once more. My hope was renewed when I realized he was partaking in this show. I began to get worried when his ranking continuously fell during the middle of the season. If I could have, I would have voted for him in the blink of an eye. I am glad that his rankings are climbing once more. I can only hope that he makes it into the final group. He has been through so much. He deserves to debut! He certainly has the talent for it!

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