Woman Crush Wednesdays: Tsugunaga Momoko

Name: Tsugunaga Momoko

Birth Date: March 6, 1992

Age: 25

Origin: Chiba, Japan

Group: Country Girls

Position: Playing Manager

Entertainment Company: Up-Front Promotion

Notable Song(s): “Otomodachi Densetsu”, “Kia Ora Gracias Arigatou”, “Momochi! Yurushite Nyan Taisou”

I was introduced to Tsugunaga Momoko through Buono, the group that sang many of Shugo Chara‘s songs. Through Buono, I learnt about the world of Hello Project.

Momoko was my favourite member of Berryz Koubou for a while. Her cute image drew me in. However, at a point, this image became too overwhelming and overused and my interest declined. I shudder at her twintails, “Yurushite Nyan” days.

When Berryz Koubou went on indefinite hiatus and Momoko joined Country Girls, my interest in her peaked once more. She is currently my favourite member of Country Girls. I was a bit apprehensive when she was announced to be the Playing Manager and a member of Country Girls. She was an older idol among much younger rookies. To my surprise, she fit in quite well. While there were times where the difference in experience was obvious, she still fit right into the group with her youthful appearance and high-pitched voice.

It is sad that Momoko will be graduating in a little over than a week. She will be surely missed.

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