Man Crush Mondays: Junhyung

Name: Yong Jun-Hyung

Birth Date: December 19, 1989

Age: 27

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Group: Highlight

Position: Main Rapper

Entertainment Company: Around Us Entertainment

Notable Songs: “Flower”, “Wonder If” and “Living Without You”

Junhyung is the main rapper of male-group, Highlight (formerly Beast/B2ST). He has written and produced many songs for the group. He has also penned many of his solo songs.

Junhyung also has acting experience. He played the lead role, Yoon Seol Chan, in the drama “Monstar”. He has also guest starred on many variety shows including “1vs 100” and “King of Masked Singer”.

For a while, Junhyung had been my favourite member of B2ST. However, my interest in the group diminished over time. I have not been keeping up with the group since their name change and departure from Cube Entertainment. I still respect him for his rapping and song writing skills. I really loved his solo song “Flower”. It showed me a new and artistic side to Junhyung that I was not familiar with.

Flower by Junhyung

He also featured in a collaboration single called “You Got Some Nerve” with EXID’s LE and BIGSTAR’s Feeldog. This is a song that I listen to when I want to feel like a badass.

You Got Some Nerve (Dirty Version) by Junhyung, Feeldog and LE

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