Woman Crush Wednesdays: Kudo Haruka

Name: Kudo Haruka

Birth Date: October 27, 1999

Age: 17

Origin: Saitama, Japan

Group: Morning Musume ’17

Position: Sub Vocalist

Entertainment Company: Up-Front Promotion

Kudo Haruka is a 10th Generation member of Japanese girl-group, Morning Musume. In 2010, Haruka joined Hello Project as a member of Hello Pro Egg (now Hello Pro Kenshuusei). She was selected to join Morning Musume in 2010 and debuted with their 48th single, “Pyoco Pyoco Ultra”.

Kudo Haruka will be graduating from the group at the end of their fall tour. She will then pursue her dream of being an actress.

I have always imagined Haruka to be the leader of Morning Musume some day. I am severely depressed that she would not get this opportunity. I admire Haruka for her charisma and boyish charms. She spoke well and stood out from the other members due to her outspoken personality, tomboy appearance and husky voice.

One of my favourite memories of Haruka is when management recognized her vocal talent and she began receiving more lines in songs.  I can remember how happy when “Oh my Wish” was released. Haruka, and my favourite at the time, Suzuki Kanon, were the main vocalists of the song. It is still one of my favourite songs from Morning Musume.

I am sure Haruka’s absence will be very noticeable in the group. It would be strange not seeing and hearing her. It would be even stranger to only see one-half of the MaaDuu couple.

However, she is moving on to bigger and better things. She is one of the company’s best actresses, so I know she will excel in the field. Until she graduates, I will cherish her remaining time in the group!

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